10 Years Of Trusted - Day 4; Question 4

The 10 Years Of Trusted … Christmas Competition Day 4 Question 4

There will be a question each day for 5 days … 18th December - 22nd December!
To qualify for the chance to win the prize, each daily question must be answered
A free annual membership and 50.00 (currency applicable) donated to a charity of your choice, could be yours … you have to be in it to win it

Good Luck everyone

T&C’s Apply

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59,000 pets looked after at home in 2016.
Tom and Cindy Learned Norwegian.

This Hope, a rescued cat from India who ended up moving to Yokohama with her German family. She found it cooler to sleep at the side of the trampoline during the day.


Over 59,000 pets were kept happy in 2016.
Norin taught her sitters Norwegian.
This is Tiggy. Jet the labrador had commandeered my lap (Tig’s preferred sleeping spot) so she got her own back by taking a snooze in the dog bed. Just look at that smile of satisfaction …


Through THS 59,000 pets were kept happy at home in 2016.
Norin taught Tom and Cindy Norwegian.
Last week, I found DC (Darn Cat) sleeping in my Amazon box which broke open in transit. Unfortunate, you can’t see her hiding. She is a neighborhood feral who hangs out on my porch and taunts my foster pups. I feed her when her caretakers travel


a) In 2016 THS helped just over 59,000 pet members to stay happy and in the comfort of their own homes whenever their owners were away.
b) Norin taught Tom and Cindy Norwegian
c) This is Arturo, he would crawl into bed with us, under the duvet and then poke his head back out the top. We had to be extra careful when rolling over! :rofl:


a) 59,000
b) Norwegian
c) This is Bear, he just flopped down anywhere for a snooze and was such a dude!


Over 59,000 pets were looked after at home in 2016.
Norin taught Tom and Cindy Norwegian.
This is curled up Smudge, our house sit last Christmas in Venice Beach.


Isn’t this fun😊 We’re loving it… Julie and Jonathan


1-59,000 pets in 2016 WOW !
2- Norwegian
3-Meet Orion from Chicago. Almost asleep :slight_smile:


@Julie…we’re loving it as much as you … thank you for making it fun! :pray: :heart_eyes_cat:

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Sorry to be late, but I arrived yesterday evening in my new sit, put my car in a parking, closed at night, and got my computer only now. With my cell phone i did not have the photos of cat…'s positions.

a: THS allowed over 59 000 cats to stay happy in their homes, although their masters had gone away in 2016
b Norin, a norwegian owner taught Tom and Cindy ( Choco and Fluffy 's pet sitters during 5 weeks) some words in norwegian

c Zig, my cat, sleeping in thyme, over the window (not so weird)



No need to apologise … glad you made it safely to your sit :pray: :heart_eyes_cat: