2 cats -tunbridge wells 13-19 april last minute

Dates:13TH-19TH APRIL
Country: ENGLAND

TWO affectionate old indoor cats in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (50 minutes from London). Watch a video of our beautiful historic town: Auguri di Buon Anno - YouTube.

I have just had a look at your ad and, as a house sitter, it has put me off and I wouldn’t consider applying if I was available, which I’m not. The reason is that it sounds quite unfriendly: the fact that you expect the sitter to use (and I assume pay for) a cleaning company before handover. This is quite exceptional as normally sitters would clean the home just as it was found on arrival (sometimes better). FYI

Hi Smiley, thanks very much for your most valuable feedback.
I have had many sitters over the years and unfortunately had my trust betrayed several times. I came up with this solution which another owner uses. I agree with you though that it sounds unfriendly. I guess we just won’t go away:)

Hi Tezza
Well, I could see you’ve had a few Housesitters previously who’ve obviously enjoyed your home and cats, so thought you must have changed the wording. A shame though that you’ve had bad experiences and I think that is unusual. Hope you can get away, but there do currently appear to be more sits than sitters.

Thanks Smiley - I really appreciate your clear feedback!

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