22-29 Nov - Last Minute Sit....Please help

Dates: Nov. 22.-Nov.28, 2021
Location:The Villages, Florida

Request: I had a sitter cancel on me due to health issues. I have a lovely old greyhound that would love you to come sit for me. He needs two short walks or one long walk a day. The Villages is an over 55 community with many heated pools and activities to participate. Google The Villages and see what kind of paradise I live in.
Please no smokers, children or other pets.
Thank you so very much for your help.


I’m sorry to hear about the cancellation. Do you realize you can also ask @Angela-CommunityManager to promote your sit on social media? She does need your prior approval to do that. You can just direct message her.

I looked at your listing but notice there’s only one photo, of Seamus. THS now requires interior photos. I think it’s a minimum of five, but I’m not sure as I’m not a homeowner here. However, based on forum comments you will see that many sitters won’t consider a sit where there are not enough photos to assess whether it’s a good fit for them.

I hope you find someone to share time with your greyhound.


Hi @pbpchee welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry to hear that your sitter has had to cancel, as @Snowbird says we can share your listing on our social media channels but would need your permission and would also need good images which adding to your listing on the site will help sitters looking for sits, they like to see the pets they will be caring for and where they will be calling home.

You have a wonderful dog and live in a lovely location showing both of those thing in the best possible way is so important.

Please DM (Direct Message) me if you would like more help.

Angela and the Team

@Angela-CommunityManager , I’m a member and have been for years. I had a neighbor who was going to sit for me from Nov.22- Nov. 28th. She got seriously I’ll. I need a sitter. Please help me if you can. I’m going to a family reunion in New Orleans, Louisiana. I really don’t ant to have to cancel it. I live in The Villages, Florida.
Thank you.
Patrice Payton

@pbpchee - you will hopefully get some interest when you post more pictures. If not, are you able to pay a local pet sitter to stay in your house so you can go to the reunion?

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Patrice you have replied to me, Snowbird, not Angela. Please go to Angela’s name, click on it, and you will see a green block that says ‘message’. Click on that and leave your approval for social media for her. It is late night now in Angela’s time zone. It’s important that you load the necessary photos. Then you will have the maximum potential for reaching sitters quickly. Direct message me if you need any help understanding my message please.

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I will direct message you next. We can continue this conversation privately.

Good morning @pbpchee … I’ve just added Angela’s tag to your message here so that she will see it and pick it up when back online this morning, when she’ll also help with posting your listing on our social media channels. Hope you find a replacement and enjoy your family reunion.

Thank you oh so much. I am calling everyone I know. Still no luck.

Hello, Even without photos, but with the feedback of the previous pet sitters, it looks great. What a pity it is so far away. I hope you find somebody

HI @pbpchee Conor in Membership Services is emailing you about your listing.

Matt and I have a TrustedHousesitters sit in The Villages, Florida 22 Nov - 8 December 2021. Maybe we can help out until you find a sitter.


Hi @Cheri that is so kind of you to message @pbpchee and offer to help …

I have removed your contact details as this is a public forum could you Direct Message her please.

Thank you