23 March - Cancellation due to COVID

Dates: 23 - 29 March
Location: London
Country: UK

Request: We have had a cancellation due to COVID so are available to house/cat/dog sit for the dates above. Would need to be near South London or close.

Fi and Andy

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This is a great idea to check a sit when we have last minute cancellations.


Good Morning Fi & Andy and so sorry to hear that Covid has upset your plans at such short notice. There are a few last minute sits on the website as you’ve probably seen, in and around London but it’s always difficult I know with so little time.

This section is meant for owners posting their last minute listings but as we’ve not been totally clear about it not including last minute sitter cancellations, I’ve approved this while we do consider this :slight_smile:

I hope you find something very soon. All the best, Vanessa and the team


This is a great idea as sitters also experience last minute cancellations for various reasons.
My first UK sit has informed me the need to cancel due to pet illness and a very distraught pet mum which is quite understandable, so this is now by mutual agreement.
We have other sits booked together and are waiting, hoping, praying for big boy’s recovery.
I have however elected to extend my stay in Portugal.
I am certain this happens more than is spoken about.


I think it’s a great idea, too, Vanessa. Anything that can help connect people is a bonus. Showing last-minute need/last minute availability seems like a win-win. I would encourage you to actually promote this.


Hi Fiona, I can propose a housesit in Nice for my cat Nemo Nemo from 23 - 31 March if you are interested!

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Ah thank you Rebekah - that would have been lovely but we have to stay close to London due to Family medical issues. Thank you though and good luck .

No problem, good luck to you!

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Hi @Edith @Amparo thank you for your feedback regarding this, as with everything we will need to discuss the inclusion and look at all implications.

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It does indeed happen @Amparo. A number of years ago I had a sit cancelled as the senior Rhodesian ridgeback’s legs had started to give way and the owner did not feel it was right for a sitter to have the responsibility of caring for it as its health deteriorated. I appreciated her thoughtfulness and it was mutually cancelled. As there was sufficient prior notice, I was able to secure a replacement sit.
I hope that big boy makes a good recovery and you have the pleasure of looking after him.
Meanwhile enjoy that extra time in Portugal. :sunglasses:


Why not create a section for sitters, who are looking for last minute sits? I think this is a great idea, not only on the forum but also on the THS website. Even if there wasn’t any cancellation, it might happen to HOs as well as for sitters, that a last minute sit would fit in their plans.
This way everybody knew that the sitter is available. Of course location, time frame and preferences need to fit, but that’s what a listing or a last minute sitter profile is for, isn’t it?


I’d love something like this.