5 star sits

I have now gotten 100 five star sits! That should be worth a free membership…or at least a free year! Don’t ya’ think?


Amazing! I’ve got some catching up to do! When did you start?

I’ve been doing sits on TH for years…I have done a lot more than 100 but some people don’t leave reviews, sometimes I do repeaters that aren’t posted, and I’ve used a few others sites over the years.


I think they may go bankrupt if everyone with 100+ five star reviews got free membership. Get to the end of the line….

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Bravo!!! That is a huge accomplishment

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Interestingly, there are actually only 10 sitters worldwide who have 100+ 5 star reviews on THS, yet we know there are others who have done more but not been reviewed.


Wow @temba , how did you find that information you little devil you! :rofl:

Then that sounds like the free membership idea from @btee is an excellent one (& not that expensive for THS) :rofl::raised_hands:t3::heart:


All I did @ziggy is look at the website on my computer without logging in. Click on Find a Pet Sitter, scroll past the Let’s Find Your Perfect Pet Sitter, click on the purple View All Pet Sitters, put Anywhere in Search Sitters For Location, scroll past “Enjoy Peace of Mind …. Worldwide” and there’s your list!


@temba well done :raised_hands::grin:


Well done! I have well over 100 reviews on the site as well. Seems like an easy missed opportunity by the company not to reach out and congratulate such sitters, even it not rewarding the accomplishment in some way. I don’t know how many of us there are, but it can’t be that many.


@btee Thank you for starting this interesting topic and congratulations on reaching 100 5-star sits!!

Congratulations to everyone on this post who has also hit that mark! 100 :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

I have shared this thread with the Marketing team and they have said that they will be looking into milestone emails.

I passed all of your other suggestions on as well :smiling_face:


Anyone that has completed over 100 5 star sits, should be rewarded with a special membership status, like a Premier member.


I do! Where are you?

Hey @Johnsmith wow and welcome!
If you add your profile, we could review your 100 sits! Impressive!

Hi Carla, I had better jump onto this thread as I reached the 100 milestone early 2023.

If there are any freebies then I am interested!


Good little trick :wink:.

How did you do this? I tried what you said, but it brings me to a required Sign Up page.

I’ve just re-checked @ChristineH and my instructions are correct. What it doesn’t allow you to do is click on individual sitters’ profiles if you are not a member.

@temba I have the same experience as @ChristineH if I log out and try to view the THS website without being logged in I can’t get any further than a page that asks me to log in or register for a free account .