A change after living in Afghanistan for 17 years

After living in Afghanistan for the last 17 years, the events of this year have required a change to our lives where we need to be home more frequently. We are deeply immersed in our lives in Kabul and now reestablishing our home in the NW which is rustic and beautiful. In fact the NOWZAD charity mentioned in “All about Pets” was started in our residence in Kabul. I am looking to tap into a community of sitters who might be able to support our back and forth to Afghanistan every 8 or so weeks although it could be longer. I just welcomed one of my Afghan dogs who arrived here after a long journey to take up residence and she is sweet but unaccustomed to this life which is very different from our life in Kabul. Unlike Kabul where we live on a large compound with our offices and young people who come to our programs every day, our home in the US is tucked away in the woods and very quiet so having a bit of a time adjusting. Advice or support with this change would be deeply appreciated. Marnie


Hi @marniekabul and welcome to the forum. What a huge change for you and especially for your dog who has just joined you. I’m sure lots of us would be interested to hear more of her story (and yours). Your rustic and beautiful location in the woods sounds and looks wonderful but sadly we are in the UK. You do live in a great area with the benefit of access to Seattle too, so I am sure you will have a lot of interest from sitters.


I would love to hear about your organization. And yes taking care of dogs but anything else in volunteering work we can do.

Welcome Marnie :-). I am sure you will get lots of offers to help with your lovely dog. We would be happy to help although we are booked up to the middle of next year. Thank you for all that you and your husband do.Our daughter spent several years in Afghanistan (AREU and then as a consultant). She made many friends there