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Hi @travelbug234 welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining, we can certainly help with this. I will tag @Therese-Moderator and @Katie-MembershipServices from membership services who will assist, I’m sorry you haven’t had a response to your emails, I will check on that also.

I’m going to move your post to a thread focussed on the question of insurance. I hope you will explore the forum and other topics. Meanwhile I will pass this directly over to to the Team who will respond by direct email when they are back online.

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@travelbug234 How disappointing to have your sit cancelled mid way. I do hope you get a satisfactory outcome from your insurance claim with THS. As the Premium tier memberships are new, I’m sure fellow members will be interested to learn of the outcome in relation to your claim to help them decide whether to upgrade or not.


@temba Thank you so much for the kind words. I will definitely keep everyone updated on how the insurance claim turns out! I still haven’t received a reply to the email I sent to the support team about filing a claim


@travelbug234 We are following this up for you via Membership Services, I have sent details directly to the team who will pick this up when they are back online … once again we apologize for any delay.


Hi @travelbug234 I just spoke with Membership Services, Laura emailed you yesterday (Friday) thank you for responding, we have also heard from the owners and have all of your information which is now with @Paul-Head-MS who manages insurance claims/issues.

If you need any additional support please feel free to DM me at anytime.

Hi. My name is Randy and I’ve settled on a sitter for about forty days. All seems okay however I’m wondering if there are insurance and potential liability issues. What happens if the sitter is injured walking up the steps.

HI @Randy welcome to our community forum and it’s great to hear that you have secured your sitter, I am going to tag @Therese-Moderator to help you with this when she is back online.

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Hi @randy @Angela-CommunityManager

Depending on the scenario, this may be covered in the home and contents protection loss from having damages and costs to others which arise from any single event occurring during a Sit which results in:
(a) accidental death, disease, illness
or accidental physical injury to a Sitter(s);
(b) damages caused by a Sitter(s) to adjacent
third-party properties

I hope this helps and I will post the full home and content page … Kind regards Therese



The same as they are injured walking down the steps….

I assume you are American.

A sweet little story about insurance. Our former floating home was insured yearly. Every year the broker would ask us our plans and we would tell him then he would tell us how much it would cost to insure us, the boat and third party liability. Great. Then we crossed the Atlantic. Our insurance went up considerable but our third party liability went down. Why, we asked? This is what we got told.
In most of the world if you damage something or cause injury to someone they work out the cost of the damage or injury and ask your insurers for the money to cover it. In the US in the same scenario the first question the other parties lawyer, yes lawyer, will ask is how much are you insured for then they will go all out to get the full sum even though the damage or injury is nothing near that full sum. Hence our liability for the rest of the world was £4 million. For the US it was £1 million.
So, beware folks.

We here in Europe know that insurance issues are a huge problem to non US citizens (and even for those) when you’re sued in the US.
I sell handmade jewelry to boutiques internationally and I always hope everything goes well when selling to the US…not a good feeling…

I read the T&C concerning insurance and immediately regarded them as quite useless. I have my own insurance and can only hope the sitter has one as well.
In Germany one can ask about the personal insurance, everyone should have (but not everybody has) which covers most belongings (except houses and cars, etc) of another person you might break inside and outside their home. With foreigners this will probably be tricky.

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That’s interesting. In Germany there are two insurances you need when you own a house. One is for the building itself and the other one for the interior. So both cover everything from fire, floods or natural catastrophes but not if someone breaks something valuable. There the personal insurance would be the one to pay. But not everybody has it.

@Provence I think this is a question you’ll need to ask the membership services team. As with all insurance products, each case is individual and can even be different by country.

Something I can help with from my perspective is that not all “nomads” are without an address. However, whilst I have a postal address I receive all communications for all of my insurances via email.

However, my experience having lived in France for a year now is that it still uses the postal system for much official correspondence whereas other countries are more generally digital in terms of communication. I don’t receive anything at my UK postal address anymore except one annual bank statement. In France I have a pile of paperwork.

Having an address doesn’t guarantee the person will be there. Retirees taking long term travel adventures etc., may be on the road for months, and wouldn’t receive their post necessarily… so again digital correspondence comes into play.


I agree the insurance is not worth the virtual paper it is written on and is a waste of money. You can only claim IF your own insurance refuses to pay. In my case I’m left with a damaged drawer that the manufacturer won’t let me purchase a replacement for, so my only alternative is purchase brand new drawers at a cost of £500. If I claim through my own insurance I will need to cover the excess and my premium will increase next year. :frowning:


I am not sure on the time frame but on reading the terms and conditions it appears you have to submit receipts for the accommodation you have already paid for before you make a claim.
As with all insurance policies it is important to read the fine print as it may only apply to sits cancelled within 14 days of the start date is my interpretation, also Trusted housesitters will attempt to find another sit for you to replace the cancelled one, you have to pay $50 to make a claim etc so lots of important details to read up on.
Sorry I was looking at it from if a home owner cancels but it looks very similar.

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Thank you! Things happen to both HO and sitters, so I think it is excellent to have. I am disappointed in this site because they do not provide the details directly with the offer.

Hi @Turtle welcome to our community forum I see that you are asking insurance questions, I am going to move our post to a more appropriate thread where you will find more helpful posts. You will need to connect with Membership Services if you have an Insurance claim and this website blog has the information you need. https://support.trustedhousesitters.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360015619898-What-is-Sit-Cancellation-Insurance

Welcome again.

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Thank you!

There is next to nothing at the link you posted. Insurance is complex. I do not have a claim but I want to know 1) what constitutes a claim 2) the time frames required and 3) forms. You are over simplifying insurance. Lots of people get their sits cancel and I bet only a few are paid what you state here.
For those reading I will paste what is on the link:
For Premium Owners -

In an unlikely event of your sitter cancelling, our guarantee provides up to $150 compensation per night to cover the cost of alternative pet care, up to $1500 per sit. Terms and Conditions apply

For Premium Sitters -

In the unlikely event of your owner cancelling, our guarantee provides up to $150 compensation per night to cover the cost of alternative accommodation, up to $1500 per sit. Terms and Conditions apply