A filter for HO feedback

When it comes to sits, I am more open to take on sits with HO’s who do not have any previous feedback/reviews if they live fairly local to me. But for sits further away I prefer the HO to have received some positive feedback.
For this reason I sometimes think that it would be useful to have a search filter for ‘has feedback/reviews’.
Anyone else thought it could be useful to have an additional filter like this?

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Yes, I think that would be a useful filter function. Just like you, I would do - and am doing right now - a house sit for a first-timer HO (home owner), to help them getting started with entrusting their home and pets to a sitter. Usually they are a bit insecure and forget to mention a lot of important things in their ad and welcome guide, or do the opposite and go over the top with all the information. If such a sit is local and at an ideal time for me, I am more than happy to be their first sitter. On the other hand, if a sit requires a long travel and is during a high-demand period such as school holidays or Christmas and New Year, with lots of sits on offer, I check out the reviews, as I want to be sure that I am not wasting the best time of the year in some really horrible place if I could do much better in the village next door!