A New 10 Week Old Whippet Puppy

I am waiting for my whippet puppy to join me in the middle of July, he will be 8 weeks old. Very excited.
I am planning to join the TrustedHousesitters after he arrives.
But I have a question:
I will need to leave on the 2nd of August for the whole day *he will be about 10 weeks old. Is it possible to find a sitter for such a small puppy? I am in central Scotland, in a house with a small back garden.
Thank you!


Hi Larissa, thank you for joining our TrustedHousesitters Community Forum and we look forward to welcoming you as a TrustedHousesitters owner member very soon. A big welcome also to your new Whippet puppy, yet to be in the family home, how exciting … does he have a name yet?

Sitters with TrustedHousesitters will care for your furry family member in his own home over a 24 hour period but unfortunately they don’t provide day care services.

Many sitters love caring for puppies, I have sat a number of adorable baby pooches. You need to do be very clear in your listing about all of his needs and your expectations and it’s better that you have him long enough to be fully bonded, aware of his behavior also that he is completely settled in his new home so that you can familiarise all of his potential sitters before confirming the right one for him. For instance does he LIKE shoes, I’ve had puppies who really liked my glasses, I should have kept them out of puppy reach.

Keeping pets in their own familiar environment is the very best pet care option and allows owners to travel with complete peace of mind, getting to know your puppy is so important and will allow you to prepare your sitter in the best possible way so that everyone has a great experience.

If you have any more questions please connect with our Membership Services Team or ask here on the Forum where you’ll get lots of really helpful advice.

Welcome again and when you have a photo please share … his name also.

Angela & The Team

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to my point of viewhe question is not “can i leave my puppy” (we did that during nearly 3 weeks last year with a 3 months old puppy) but more "how long can I leave my puppy in strangers’s hands").

I guess if you seek sitters for only one day, it could be easier to find a friend to look after him !

After 3 weeks my puppy did not recognize us, and the “hyperattachment” he is suffering might come from that early “abandon”, too close from the day he had been separated from his mum, sister and aunt.

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Hi Angela,
Thank you for the warm welcome.
So I will need a daycare service. Thanks for that and other tips. Hope to be an owner member in 2 looong months.
He is going to be Elvis :slight_smile:



Hi Provence,
thank you for your message.
I agree, a friend for a day would be much easier but unfortunately I am very new to the area and Scotland / UK in general. Then there were lockdowns and I work from home… so no friends …yet :frowning: . But I am getting puppy Elvis and he is going to be my bestie for now:)

Regards, Larissa


Try the website BorrowMyDoggy. It is a free website
I have been a member during lockdown and have been taking a labrador for a weekly walk.
You can state what kind of assistance you will require on your profile


BorrowMyDoggy is great, we used it a lot in lockdown too when we couldn’t housesit. Unfortunately pups need to be at least 12 weeks old for the service (believe it is something to do with the insurance).

In this case I think you are better off trying to search for local pet daycare companies, but it probably will mean paying for someone.


I’m assuming you’ll be looking for a vet to take care of your pup. Why not select a vet now and contact them and see if they can recommend anyone? They may know of a service or an owner who would be happy to help.

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That is a good idea, thx!

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