A new pet category “easy dogs”?

Just a thought or question for you, what if there could be another pet category “easy dogs”?? This would be dogs that don’t require walking, maybe dogs that have a pet door and go outside by themselves? We have seen these and have sat on a couple of these but I think it would be good for home owners and sitters. If you agree what could we do or how would we go about getting THS to create this. Anyway take care :v:t2:

Hmm. This is an interesting one.

For me, the whole point of THS is to spend time with dogs (that’s me) and get to enjoy being in an interesting or just different place.
I have looked after one dog that was almost as you describe, but she had brain damage, and didn’t like getting a collar or lead put on, so spent all day walking around the garden, loved her food, cuddles, then slept in her cage at night.
But to actually categorise “easy dogs” is not, in my opinion, a good idea.
It sounds as if you want an “easy sit”
Sorry if I am wrong. Just my opinion.