About hearts given

I thought hearts were a good indication that members like other members’posts or topics

But Angela, as you give hearts to all of us, when we don’t see more than 1 heart, once checked who has given it, does this mean our post(s) are not liked at all, not interesting for the community?

@Provence it’s always great to see our community posting, commenting and being engaged and the action of “giving hearts” it’s our (TrustedTeam) way of saying “great to see you engaged, thank you for posting” without filling the thread up with Admin comments.

The lack of hearts I’m sure is not a true measure of likes or unlikes of a post it’s just not something everyone does and perhaps if there was another option … we know from Social Media (Facebook introduced the Like Button in 2010) that it can be a “Vanity” measure and not necessarily an indication of popularity or interest of the post, although we all like to feel appreciated and this will grow as more members join, we haven’t gone out to our entire community yet …

Would be interesting to have other member’s input on the “Heart Button” …


I may sound paranoïac, but suddenly i thought very few of my posts might be interesting for the community
It’s true that members don’t feel obliged to put a heart even If they like a post, but some posts receive 3 or 4 hearts, others 1 only, and always coming from Angela.
I’m happy of course there is no sign of anger.

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@Provence absolutely no apologies necessary … blame any paranoia on Social Media … we are building a community of like minded members with the same desire, to connect in a authentic and meaningful way … as we grow more and more members will join and hearts will increase

Your contributions are always welcome.

Hello @Provence.
Beeing myself a community manager on a FB site ( not related to petsitting), I know how much people appreciates those little thumbs up,:heart: or :grinning:.
The fact is that there is only a percentage of members who feels confortable to interact. Most prefers to read or quickly browse. And it’s fine.
I am thankfull to THS not to have installed « angry faces » :rage:, that I consider offensives.
You obviously have a lot of interest in this forum and time to get involved. Reality is not the same for everyone.
J’ajouterais de simplement continuer à prendre plaisir d’écrire quand vous le sentez. Certains sujets seront plus lus et commentés que d’autres. Comme on dit au Québec « c’est pas grave »
Bonne journée !


Thank you for a great response @Brigitte

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@Angela-CommunityManager @Provence @Brigitte
My use of likes for the forum is based mainly on the subject matter and also if it has been helpful to me.

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The heart is interesting because it’s very similar to liking a post or comment, yet because of it’s cultural meaning we hesitate to use it as much as we would a like symbol. We reserve it for things that we connect with in some way, or as @fyfie said that are helpful.

We tend not to use it on things that may seem interesting, but we don’t have much to say on the topic.

So @Provence, we bet that many people use :heart:s differently and is by no means something to use a gauge or judgement of your content :smiley:

@Angela-CommunityManager Our take is that having additional reaction options (like :clap: :smiley: :crossed_fingers: :+1: :rofl: :thinking:) would be a great addition to the forum!

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@ScrewTheAverage Hi hope you are both keeping well, thank you for a great reply… I absolutely agree on having other reaction options.

For me using the heart symbol is multi purpose, reacting to a post but mostly as a “like” as I believe when a member takes the time to contribute, acknowledging their interaction is very important …A great discussion point before we open up the forum to the wider community.

I’m the paranoid style, I like to be loved (loved to be liked ?) but please don’t add too many symbols, I do prefer myself only hearts, simple clear.

I would like to see the prOblem of votes solved. Where is there a limit, why can’t we vote for a new topic if we have voted for some others in the past ? ?

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