About Last Minute Sits

This is a category where you can use the forum to help fill a last minute sit within 7 days of the start date, as shown on the listing. Your listing must also be posted on the main TrustedHousesitters website.

This option is for members only. If you aren’t yet a member and need help to join please contact a member of the forum admin team.

The guidelines for posting are as follows:

  • Please do not link to the listing in the topic - you may however, link to your listing in your forum profile - instructions here

  • Use the following format for the title:


    Example: SITTERS NEEDED 23-30 OCT 2021 CHEAM, SURREY, UK
    This provides enough information for sitters to find your listing on the website

  • Do not include any personal information such as phone numbers, emails – remember this is a public forum.

  • Please use the DIRECT MESSAGING feature within the forum to make contact with other members. Then move to the actual listing on the main TrustedHousesitters platform to continue with your application process.

  • When your sit is filled, please update the post to say a sitter is booked and close the topic.

  • Topics with expired dates will be closed by the forum admin team.

We are trialing this following requests from members who see the benefits of using the forum to help members with last minute postings. This will be reviewed at the end of November to see how it’s working in practice and whether any changes need to be made.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this an easy space to moderate by adhering to the guidelines :slight_smile:

More tips to fill a last minute sit from the TrustedHousesitters main website:

  • Reach out to sitters from your dashboard by searching in your local area via “Find a Sitter”
  • Relist your sit by deleting the dates, save, then re-enter the dates again
  • Contact Membership Services for help and advice
  • If you have a STANDARD or PREMIUM membership you can BOOST your listing
  • Talk to the THS team to see if it’s possible for a share on social media channels


Sitters can express their interest on posts that are relevant in terms of dates and location. Then move the conversation away to messaging and the main platform.

This isn’t currently a category to list general sitter availability.

Thank-you :slight_smile:


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