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Members can send private messages to other members on this forum or to THS staff (Ben, Angela, Katie) but can (and does) THS read these private messages ?

All members can also correct, delete their posts on the forum. During several days only. Can THS see the corrections ? As we can

I’ve been surprised to discover the function “historic” which allows me to see my previous text and corrections made later on (when i see too late my mistakes or i want to soften my sentence. )

I’m ve been told a few times to wipe out some comments on the forum because they were too political, too harsh .

Could THS ask me the same although it’s a private message sent to one person and not the group ?

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I can’t say for definite but It’s likely that at least certain staff members would be able to read private messages. I’m sure this is more about keeping people safe from online abuse rather than being nosey and reading your messages. I doubt they would ask you to stop having a discussion with someone over private message unless you were talking about something illegal or being offensive.


HI @Provence the message system allows for direct one to one conversations between members, facilitates direct conversations between Admins and members and vice versa.

@ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies are absolutely correct in their assumption that certain staff members will have access to messages and we would only intervene in any direct one to one conversation if there was evidence of anything illegal or abusive, the automatic monitoring system will red flag any suspicious language.

There are two Admins with a high level of clearance who have this access, the motivation and purpose is to keep every forum member safe, just as it is with any online platform.

Protecting our community from spammers and online abuse is a priority, having access to accounts also allows us to support on any tech issues members may have, and help members manage their preferences and functionality or any other technical issues which may arise.

Thank you for asking the question.

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Great question @Provence. Thanks for asking it.

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We are closing this topic as the question has been answered. Thank you