About the Member Meetups category

Connect and organize meetups with members around the world.


This is a new category where you can arrange to meet other members (sitters and owners), make friends and get support as you travel and house sit your way around the world. If you enjoy connecting with others then this is the place in our community forum where you can make this happen!

How to arrange a meetup

  • Look for the topic title that relates to your continent, or create a new one if it doesn’t exist.
  • Let others know where you are and over what time frame (in a comment).
  • For members in the same area with overlapping dates, please show your interest and then take the conversation to Direct Messaging to organise a place and a date for your in person get together.
  • Please keep the thread on topic and relevant. Remember to use direct messenger for ongoing conversations - and the thread just for notifications of dates and locations.

Owners & Residents - Help us connect our community

Have you ever considered arranging a coffee morning for local members or friends who might be interested in learning more about house sitting?

You don’t need to be a visitor because as a resident you might discover other members in your town or city who would love to get together and chat house sitting and travel. Why not invite friends who are new to house sitting and you might inspire them to join up too! This is also a great way to increase your RAF (Refer a Friend) free months while helping to connect our community around the globe.

Safety and owner reassurance

Please always arrange meetups in a public place, a coffee shop, restaurant etc., away from any house sit property and ensure that specific house sit addresses are not posted or referred to anywhere on this forum. Do NOT post addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc., here in the public forum - they will be deleted.

Meetup Gallery

You’ve found your community here on line, and now you can use this resource to help connect with others - but don’t keep your meetups a secret. Please remember to take some photos and share on the “meetup gallery” topic thread!

An evolving space …

This is a new category and we welcome your ideas on this topic thread as to how to best facilitate connections and meetups between members. We will let this run until March 2022 and then review based on how well it’s working, what needs improving, and any suggestions you’ve made. We have added it to the TRAVEL section but may move if this isn’t felt to be the best place when we review.

Happy meetups!

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This is great. I’ve tried to meet up with some other housesitters I ‘follow’ on FB/Twitter but it hasn’t worked out for one reason or another.
I wonder if there’s a way people can post where they are (an alphabetical list maybe that people could add there sitting dates to)? Not quite sure how that could work…


Hi @Smiley… I’ve just moved this comment here off of the photo gallery just so we keep all suggestions in one place so we can review them all together and see what might work the best for everyone as more meetups take place. Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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Where have you moved it Vanessa?

Here on the About the Member Meetups topic thread.

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Thanks. I find it difficult transferring between topics!

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I’m really pleased to see this being developed, especially if it can be broken down into countries rather than continents as some continents include many countries e.g Europe, or some countries include many states eg. USA!


I think that will happen organically as it grows and we see the most popular states or other locations where meetups start to happen. They are few and far between at the moment so we’ll start off simple, and gradually expand it out. But you are right, and there will no doubt be some states, or even cities like New York, London, Sydney etc… that have threads of their own. Let’s hope this year means more in-person get togethers can happen again :slight_smile: We used to do this all the time so I feel like I for one have become a bit hermit like :smile:

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Great to start off simple and see how it evolves. As you say, @Vanessa-Admin, there will be locations/cities that will be more popular than others.

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[Meet up Korea, Singapore, Thailand ](https://Meetup asia)