Accepting a sitter & confirming

Thank you for sharing these wonderful sentiments.
We are all human and we forget that we all make mistakes or perhaps better, we are all participating in the great experiment of life and we learn from each other by sharing these experiences.


Sitters get declined all the time. It’s part of the application process. It isn’t personal, although a short time thanks but no thanks note, is appreciated. Every sit with 12 applicants has 11 disappointed prospective sitters. A not so nice note back is unacceptable. Like my mom says, “good manners are expected from everyone.” I’m sorry that happened to you.

I think being honest and letting someone know that you really didn’t mean to hurt them is always a good idea. I know I would appreciate an explanation when things go poorly and I feel like I’ve been mistreated. Mistakes happen and it’s really a good thing when we can all recognize that and build understanding as a community.

It’s nice of you to feel that way. Most hosts have never gotten back to me once they’ve excepted someone. Personally it’s common courtesy, yet many as yourself might not understand the proocess. Whenever I receive invites I always go out of my way to write a nice note if those dates do not work for me. I think the site might mention that to hosts or somewhere on the site so people don’t feel bad. Anyway, I think it’s polite and good communication to always let others know.

Oh good to know. I wasn’t aware of this either. Thank you for sharing. That would of bothered me too, not being able to explain myself.

It’s worrying that people think they have the right to be unkind. I’m sorry that someone has made you feel worried in this way. Applying for a sit doesn’t entitle a sitter to anything back from the HO. Of course it’s nice to have a response, but no-one has the right to send passive aggressive or sarcastic messages. I would potentially share the message with a moderator or member services.

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Dont fret. The fact you’re writing this shows you’re a caring person. We’ve all gone through a learning curve. If there are a few special sitters you would have considered you may want to reach out but otherwise move on and remember the lesson for next time!

You did absolutely nothing wrong nor have any cause to feel badly. The applicant should’ve never sent you a snarky note. I personally appreciate an immediate note knowing someone else was selected, which allows me extra time to find another sit.

Having a personal note from the HO is not a requirement, especially in cases where there are many applicants. The HO can’t select everyone. If you get a notice that someone else was selected, just move on and don’t get your feelings hurt.

If you want to follow-up with a personal note why they weren’t selected you could, but it is certainly not required.