Accident and Third Party Insurance - Effective dates

A scenario - I agree dates for a sit as advertised on the site. Then I am asked if I can adjust the dates (arriving a day or two earlier; leaving a day or two later). I am happy to do that and we agree the alternate dates, without the owner needing to go in and change the dates as advertised.
So, the question is - Between what dates is the Accident & Third Part Insurance effective? The dates as originally advertised? Or the amended dates of the actual sit as agreed between the oner and the sitter?

Hi @TheGlenfargians
A good question.
The insurance team would always take the confirmed dates on the website as the actual dates of your sit. I would suggest that you make sure that the exact dates are reflected on your dashboard after any changes. You can email to ask for this small edit of dates. If you have screenshots of the agreed changes, this would be sufficient, otherwise the owner would need to email them to confirm the edited dates.