Accident at a housesitting

I had a housesitting and thee HO was so kind and generous and the freezer was packed , she said we can have whatever we want without warning not to have something in particular }
to make the story short I started to feel really bad thinking to have a heart a stroke called 911
and endup in hospital after all the test I was intoxication with cannabis huge amount in blood
the incident cost more than 5000 usd
the medical insurance said that due to the use of sustances are not covered and I HAVE TO PAY , is there any insurance to cover the sitter since these was an accident but not my fault

Oh my! That is a huge mistake of your home host not to warn you away from the cannabis product. What did you think you were eating, and how much/many did you eat?

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@Majosem16 that is very unfortunate, I’m glad you’re okay. If you ate cannabis cookies, muffins, candies or butter which were not labeled as such you should get in touch with the membership services at They maybe able to help you work with the HO to cover some of the medical cost.


Yikes! Yeah, I agree that this is very irresponsible of the HO’s not to warn you or label their cannabis edibles. You should reach out to member services. I hope you’re feeling better!


Homeowners typically have liability for accidents at their homes. You might be able to get covered under their insurance. You can raise this with THS membership services, but they probably won’t have much leverage or necessarily try to exert pressure on your behalf.

You might end up having to get a lawyer, which costs money. But the HOs might share costs if you negotiate with them. If they claim with their insurance, they might end up losing their coverage or having their premiums raised. Some HOs in such circumstances might decide to pay out of pocket. Use of illegal substances might lead their insurer to deny coverage.

One of the key things is, can you prove that they said you could eat whatever and that substance was in their food?


I didnt want to make any trouble and not get lawyer involved besides I had travel from a country far away

Sounds like you’ll need whatever help membership services can offer or you discuss this directly with the HOs and hope they voluntarily own up to their responsibilities if the circumstances were as you described.

Did you already pay the hospital bill? I ask, because if you’re from overseas and haven’t paid, they’d probably have a hard time pursuing you for payment. It’s not ideal, but if you’re in a real jam and have no other course, that’s something to consider.

The scenario you described sounds really unfortunate for you and irresponsible of the HOs.

Not sure where you were, but in the USA…

and by the way, I’m not a lawyer…

If someone leaves food (i.e. at work) and intentionally puts a drug (usually a laxative) or irritant (hot pepper), and someone else eats it (even if they stole your food out of the fridge) it’s a crime, as they knowingly tampered with food left in a public place.

The fact that you unknowingly ate “adulterated” food that they offered does not absolve the homeowner of their responsibility.

Heaven forbid, if you were in a country with a zero-tolerance for drugs and you end up in jail because of this “misunderstanding”, I shudder to think!

@admins what happens then?

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@MissChef Thank you for helping the member in question and tagging the admin team.

This question needs to be asked via the Membership Services team as they are best placed to provide more assistance and further answers.

Please reach out to or chat via the help desk at

That’s a very good point MissChef - as marijuana isn’t legal everywhere.

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Worth noting in such a case that any proof you can keep is important, because they could deny that what you consumed was theirs, rather than something you obtained on your own. So if there was a msg offering the food and you took photos of any remnants in however they packaged it, etc., that might come in handy.

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Lesson learnt.
Who knows why the HO didn’t warn them about some of the contents of the freezer. It might have been revenge for a previous sitter who emptied their freezer. Or, they might just have forgotten that the “brownies” were in that freezer.
I am always wary about tucking into unknown foods.