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Is there anyway to hide your account for when you do not want to be active for sits other than the availability on the calendar but your account is still showing…kinda like a dating site. LOL

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Hi @Libby2019. Thanks for the unexpected laugh I had at the end of your post. :rofl: I could do that on another house sitting site I was on, but that’s no help to you here. I know it also didn’t extend my membership for the time I choose to hide my account either though. It was just a convenience factor.

I’ve just looked over all the areas of the dashboard and don’t see an option to do that. I’m tagging @Therese-MembershipService and she can give us a definitive answer when she’s next online. Thanks for asking, so that we’ll all know.

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Hi @Libby2019 @Snowbird … Unfortunately, there is not really a way to ‘hide’ your profile as an active member. Homeowners are beginning to look at sitters’ calendars more, so they will hopefully realize that you are unavailable. If you are, for example, unavailable for a longer/few months stretch, I would maybe change your profile title to say something to that effect, then homeowners know immediately on opening your profile. I hope this helps.
Kind regards Therese


This is very helpful, excellent suggestion for me as I am booked far out into 2022 and have only a few specific dates in specific places open.
Thank you for the question @Libby2019 and the answers @Therese-MembershipService and @Snowbird