Address on car insurance when full-time house sitting


My partner and I are about to rent out our flat and house-sit full time. We have tenants moving in, and have our first six months of house sits lined up already. My car insurance is also up for renewal. We currently live in London, and will be house sitting in the South West of England. I’m not sure what to do with regards to the address for my car insurance- where the car is kept etc? I don’t want to end up in a situation where it’s not valid. Has anyone got advice, or spoken to an insurance company about this?

I used my brothers address for all things legal and said the car was parked on a public street, which it was but just not at a permanent home.
We went sailing for over 5 years and had no complaints from anyone.

Thanks. I am changing everything over to my (future) mother in law’s address, so I think I will just register the car there.

I let my house out in January this year and am driving around housesits in the UK with my car. I’ve also just renewed my insurance and will be using my car until the end of October this year when I fly to Christchurch, NZ to housesit travel and plan to stay ‘downunder’ until March/April 2024 (unless another pandemic upsets my plans again!).
My home address is still the address logged with the insurance company, although maybe it shouldn’t be. Not sure how they’d ever know if there was a problem but I’m not suggesting you do the same. Tbh, it didn’t really cross my mind! Friends are going to use my car while I’m away and will insure it themselves so will be at their address.
It doesn’t make sense my giving my brother’s address or friends’ addresses either as I’m not there.
I’d be interested to hear what you do. I’m not going to contact my insurers….

Has your future mother in law got room to park your car off road and for it to be kept fairly safe if so sell it to her fore £5 and complete the paperwork for the DVLA. Put it off road and cancel your insurance, your mother in laws home insurance should cover it while its off road but inform her home insurance company just to make sure and then SORN the car (De road tax it). When you have finished traveling purchase the car back from your mother in law for £5 and reverse the process… Simples

Sorry, should have explained that we will be using the car when house sitting.

I have been using traveling mailbox for about 5 years. There may be better services like this but they have been working well for my business address, home address, and so far, I have used it for my mailing address for voting purposes.