Advantage of sits with no dogs : more local discovers!

I love dogs, but when I sit I know i will be able to do more tourism with cats, hens, than with dogs who can’t be left alone long.
Sitting is a marvellous opportunity to discover new regions in your own country. Such, for me, as Lot & Garonne (where many british people own a house, where some decided to become french lately…).
i was delighted to visit last week 18 “bastides” these villages built in medieval ages (XII and XIIIth centuries) by english or french -Aquitaine region has been english during 3 centuries…-
if you don’t know go there, visit Montbazier, Vianne, Villereal, Montflanquin : the historical centers are lovely.


Lovely images @Provence I lived in the Lot for 18 months before moving to Vancouver Island, Canada, there is so much to discover wherever one finds themselves … and yes it is easier to find available time when not caring for a dog, but it’s also great to discover places with your new furry friend, if they are willing and able to accompany you, which as we know isn’t always possible.


@Provence, what fantastic photos, you have really captured the beauty of the area.
We had a second home in the Charente for many years and lucky enough to see some lovely villages, miss France terribly, hopefully we will be able to do some house sitting there soon. :crossed_fingers:

Looks stunning Provence :heart: