Advertising with 'must have covid vaccine'

I saw an advert on THS that stated the sitter must have had a covid vaccine (I can’t find the ad now even though I saved it). I was surprised this was allowed to be advertised as surely it has discriminatory implications? For example, the vaccine is only available to those over 50 at present (generally) so age discrimination comes to mind, there are people who cannot have the vaccine for health reasons so disability discrimination comes to mind, and there are those who choose not to have the vaccine (maybe religious, cultural or just personal lifestyle choice) so religion/belief discrimination comes to mind. I would be interested in other sitters views on this.

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Where did you read that ? Was it a simple wish from an homeowner.
Here (in France) the only people who can get vaccines are the ones who are working in medical fields (such as doctors and nurses) or over 75 (living at home or in elderly homes)

To give you an idea my husband called on the 14th of january (first day it was possible) and will NOT get vaccinated (if there are enough vaccines left…) before the end of april but we can both produce negative tests. If asked…
As an owner, I don’t ask for any test or vaccine. I’ve not seen any request so far from owners… But governments can impose that.
THS ??? I doubt

@Provence @TravellingWitch … TrustedHousesitters has no plans to introduce COVID vaccine protocols for members. We are currently reviewing and updating our COVID advice and as a global organisation will be guided by the official WHO information.

What part are you referring to Provence when you say ‘where did you read that?’ I saw one advert on THS with this proviso from a HO. Here are the words copied: PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL ONLY CONSIDER SITTERS WHO HAVE HAD THE CORONA VACCINE. Yes, it is a wish from a HO which is their choice. I would like to hope that THS do not approve of this kind of proviso as it could be deemed discriminatory for THS (not the owner as it is in their home).

In the UK people over 65 are currently getting their vaccine.

Provence ask to be put on the No Show list for vaccines.
They will be destroyed if not used up.

Really @TravellingWitch. That’s the first thing that comes in your mind: discrimination. Maybe you should consider that it is desired precisely for the reasons you list. Perhaps the HO himself is a risk patient, under 50 or cannot be vaccinated for religious, cultural or personal reasons and therefore prefers sitters with a covid vaccination. Because he does not wants to get sick.
What next? Can’t the HO with 5 great Danes refuse the 80-year-old single sitter or the wheelchair sitter? Because it would be discriminating? Or the vegan HO can’t decline the meat lover?

Little mind game:
A Jewish HO rejects all non-Jews.
A Muslim rejects all non-Muslims.

What do you think? What comes to your mind first? Racism and/or discrimination?
I do not think about any of it. I am thinking of pork and non-kosher cooking in the kitchens of these HO and therefore understand their reasons.

Prejudging others without evidence, this is how racism and discrimination starts. Think about it.

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I did not ask anything. I am not sure i understand the meaning of “to be put on no show for vaccine”.
If i could be vaccinated i would be glad to be. Even If i am not sure of the efficiency with variants …

@Provence you said you couldn’t get a vaccination because of the rules in France. To this @wintalker had answered you should try to get on a “no-show list”. For every vaccination, some eligible people do not show up (no show). Then the remaining doses are given to other people regardless of the rules. Otherwise, they would have to throw them away unused. My son (26) works in his spare time as an emergency paramedic, but he is not generally entitled to vaccination because he only does this in his spare time. So he could got his vaccination from the leftovers of a nursing home vaccination campaign. Maybe you could ask your doctor, the red cross or other organisation about no-show lists in your area.


For the roll out of the vaccine here in Oz later this month, I’m in the very last group to recieve it & unsure if that’ll be around October :woman_shrugging:. Am not fussed as all Oz covid cases are from the hotel quarantine system & live far enough away from the hotels in question.

Will stick with Oz (hopefully NZ soon) sits then :+1:.

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Its a list that your hubby could be added to
We call them no shows
Your GP can ring you that day if someone doesn’t turn up to get their vaccine.
Everyone is doing it.

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Thanks @StefanK I did not know that. Never heard anything like that. I will ask.
But t’s not my doctor who will vaccinate me. It’s the hospital who organizes all that and for the moment they cancel given appointments as they are short with doses…
France is very late. There is a mess about vaccines…

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I believe a homeowner has every right to have sitters show they have had the vaccine or a negative test. It is their home - I do not see it as discrimination.

My husband is supposed to get the vaccine on Monday, but I don’t qualify till the end of summer (sad face).

Just like listings that have horses, I have no experience with horses, so I don’t apply for them. Not every listing is for everyone.


Difference with horses : if not all owners own horses, all THS sitters and owners can face Covid. It’s not our choice.
Discrimination is between the ones vaccinated in country X and country Y.

For once older sitters ( over 65 or 75 it depends of their residence) will be more lucky as they are everywhere the first to be vaccinated…


I agree it is not perfect that the vaccination rules are different in every country. But that is another topic.
@Provence The horse comparison is not so different as you think. The statement that it would be discriminatory because you can not get a vaccination does not fit. You can’t get horse experience around the corner either. The result is the same; you can not apply to this sit.
Whether vaccination, dog, cat, horse, tomato, flower, cactus or whatever experience is the reason, someone will always fall out of the selection. That is just the way it is. Older sitters because the dog and horse are too big and need a strong hand. Younger sitters because the HO wants an older quiet couple for the sit because the 17-year-old dachshund has hip problems and prefers to lie in front of the fireplace. The wheelchair sitter because the house feels like it’s all steps, and the doors are too narrow.
I maintain that it is not discrimination if a HO has certain expectations. It is just a preference nothing else, and for me, this is also logically understandable.


I have always considered a homeowner’s parameters/preferences just what they happen to need for their own situation! Is a requirement that a sitter be a non-smoker a form of discrimination against smokers? NO! It’s what they need in a sitter. If you smoke you wouldn’t apply. If they need a sitter who can administer shots and you can’t…then don’t apply. If they require a Covid test and you haven’t had one…don’t apply. Their home. Their pets. No discrimination. No judgements. A match for a sit is just that…a match / or not!


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