Am new here- a self-introduction

My husband and I joined a couple months ago now. We are at a unique juncture in our lives: newly retired, empty nesters and now we are in between homes.
Our Cali house sold the first day and our house in FL will not be done being built until June. A friend in the community where we are renting recommended TH and we registered.
We’re beginning to be discouraged with only rejections or owners who canceled trips due to the pandemic.
Then, last weekend we got our first assignment in CT Jan - March, 2022. The hubby is originally from CT and his brothers still live there, so we are thrilled that despite the cold, they will be able to come visit us. (I am originally from NY, we have lived in NJ, TX, KY, CO and VA.)
We hope to get more assignments afterwards as we see this time in life as an adventure where we can see parts of the country we’d love to see (SC, NC, AL, and AK). After things are more normal internationally, we hope to spend time seeing: the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Italy).
We are previous dog owners but lost our last friend a couple years ago. As we had 3 major moves in the last 5 years, we have not reintroduced a new pet member to our family. Once we are settled in to our new place, we will add to the family.
Mark grew up with cats, me with dogs so we are a “mixed family” and love both, really. (We had a cat for a time, but our oldest son took him with him when he married as he was the most attached).

As a retired child protective services social worker I I am a caregiver. I love to nurture, keep company and find a great sense of accomplishment in knowing we can help others go off on vacation with the peace of mind knowing their babies are well cared for.
I likely went in too long. Thanks to anyone who hung in long enough to read this,
Cynthia aka Cyn


Hi Cyn! Welcome!

My hubby Mark and I are new here too and we are looking for sitters. We just confirmed our first sit but are still looking for someone for the next two sits. The most immediate one is over a holiday which makes it hard for many to have interest, but maybe you would? We live very close to Asheville, NC. Mark has lived in many places but mostly did his high school years in Charlotte, NC. I am from Jeannette, PA - just a little east of Pittsburgh.

We have lived in the Asheville area for about 5 years now. There is a lot to do (or not do) here depending on the person. Biltmore Estate and the Blue Ridge Parkway are the biggest draws, I think.

Anway - very nice to meet you!

PS - I would love to send you an invite to consider a stay with us.

Hello and welcome to the community @Cyn. It’s so good to hear that TrustedHousesitters was recommended to you and that you have already got your first house sit booked! Your new lifestyle and travel adventures begin. So sorry to hear about you losing your friend… but know that your fur family is going to grow and grow now that you’ve found us! Our pets are all sadly gone too but our pet family after nearly ten years of house sitting is now huge!! Enjoy the world as it opens up to you and enjoy connecting and finding new friends here in the forum. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the team or other members. Have a lovely week, Vanessa

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Thanks for making me feel welcomed. Thanks, too, for the encouragement.


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Are you interested in a sit over Christmas in NC (Charlotte)? Or even Thanksgiving? Christmas would be a longer sit (12/22 or 12/23 through January 1).

So sorry, but as this is our last holiday season in the same state as my family (hubby’s are all in CT), we are spending the holidays there and are then heading out a couple days afterward.
We are free after 3/6/22 through June. I’m sure someone will apply for your sit.