An introduction to Ben Cottrell, our Product Team Manager

Hi everyone, today we’d like to introduce you to our Product Team Manager, Ben Cottrell. Some of you have probably already seen him on the Forum responding back to your feedback and suggestions, but we thought it would be good to let you know a little more about his role in Team Trusted.

As Product Manager in our Member Experience team, @Ben-Product’s job is to help create a website and mobile app that is both valuable and usable for all our members, and he closely monitors our member’s feedback for ongoing future improvements. This year, Ben and his team have rebuilt the owner listing and sitter profile edit/creation pages, and have introduced Saved Searches.

You can find out more about Ben and his Trusted journey by clicking below, but you’ll be seeing lots more of him around the Forum, so make sure to say hi and drop any suggestions in the ‘Feedback’ category!

Meet Ben and read his Q&A here :arrow_left:

Hey Ben,
Doing a great job. The app and especially Saved Searches are so useful.