Another request for editing a sitter application

I mentioned this somewhere before but can’t find the topic now. I would love to be able to edit an application to a home owner AFTER I have hit reply and the message has gone off. I usually write my application offine so as not to lose it to the ether before I am finished but sometimes autofill puts in a word I did not intend, and sometimes I miss - spell. I have just sent off an application and autofill has changed the name of the pet to something different. I did not notice until after I hit Reply. Of course I have fired off another message immediately to explain, but it would have been so much easier if I could just have had the opportunity to edit the first message

I’ll tag @Ben-ProductManager so that he’ll be made aware of your suggestion. I would expect most of us have been the victim of autocorrect at some point and so can relate. My guess though is that it’s similar to an email in that, once it’s sent, it often can’t be recalled. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@liz , that’s a great suggestion. @Ben-ProductManager , please make it possible to edit an application if it has not yet been read.

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It would be nice if we could do that, BUT it also means that people could go back and add/change things later, after the fact, so that you could have a disagreement about what was said and have a hard time proving it.

I sent a typo once - called the home owner the dog’s name my mistake - and after that, I write out all my correspondence in a WP app first, read it over 3 times, and then cut and paste it.

In some email messaging systems there is an option to “call back” a message that has not been read. It removes the message from the recipient’s inbox. But nothing can be done if the message was read.


Oh, your naming mistake made me laugh, and also reminded me of one of my sits. The owner’s name was Max and the dog’s name was Louis. I struggled to remember which was which, but I did tell the owner that in the beginning and we laughed over it. Louis was one of the smartest dogs I ever met - he was a gem. It was a local sit but sadly they moved away so I wasn’t able to spend time with Louis again … oh, or was that Max? :thinking: :roll_eyes:


this would be as @mars has pointed out, only if the application has not already be read. Just to fix types, etc


@Snowbird , I have a sit coming up where the husband’s name is Dave and so is the dog’s! The dog never responded to his original name but always came running when the lady called her husband, so the dog’s name became Dave too! Isn’t that funny?!

Hi @mars are you aware that a dog named Dave was the inspiration behind TrustedHousesitters?

"After five weeks spent in hospital recovering from an illness and after reading about the therapeutic power of animals Andy arranged to house sit a property in Spain and care for the owner’s dog, Dave.

‘It’s no exaggeration to say that Dave changed my life,’ he said.

'I realised that everyone should have the chance to spend time with pets, but of course it is not always practical" Andy Peck

Dave was a lovable, scruffy mutt who helped change many lives, animals and human, including mine … :dog: :sweat_smile:


What a lovely story :slight_smile:

I sometimes say he instead of she for the pets and once the mistake is made they can often be he/she for the duration. Don’t think the pets mind though. :grin: