Any Canadians interested to discuss about points and miles to reduce travel expenses?

Though United States has a lot to offer about points and miles redemption, Canada has also some fidelity programs and points & miles strategies from credit cards to help reduce the traveling expenses. Whether its concerning hôtels, Airbnb, flights, trains… would anybody be interested to share their experiences. I do ! :slight_smile:


We have a BMO World Elite Mastercard that we use for almost everything we buy. We accumulate points and use them to buy flights. There are no airline limitations or blackout periods and you can use them to cover as much or as little of the flight costs as you want, including taxes.

Our card also include travel insurance, medical insurance, CDW for international car rentals, and 4 first class lounge passes.

There is a yearly fee, and we bump it up to get 31 days insurance coverage instead of 21 days. (And we pay extra for any days over 31).

It’s been working well for us so far. We got tired of trying to find good deals through sky scanner etc.


It is a bit disheartening to see the credit card bonuses offered in the US, isn’t it? We wanted a card that had no foreign transaction fees and there are very few options in Canada (3 last I looked). The one that we used to have (a Chase Marriot) pulled out of Canada. We now use the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite so there are no further fees on top of the normal currency exchange. It does have a points-back system where the points are convertible to $ credits. What I discovered, though, is that if you use the points against travel costs (AirBnB, flights, trains, buses, rental cars, hotels, etc.), the value of the points is significantly higher than if you just request a credit against your statement. (I just checked and they are having a very good promo right now, including no fee in the first year and loads of points, so might be worth checking out if you are in the market.)

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Yeah mine is 2.5% on foreign transactions. I’m not super aware of what credit card companies offer in other countries, so I haven’t looked to compare.

You are right. I opted for the HSBC card for the wave of that 2.5% conversion. Here is a good article that explains different ways to save while travelling.

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Thanks, I’m gonna check that out. That being said, it needs to balance out with the savings that I do get from my credit card. $750-1000 towards flights each year, travel insurance, medical insurance, car insurance etc. Would love a card that had everything that my card has, plus no transaction fees.

ETA: is this yours? Looks like it’s a good option!

I am also into Marriott program. Their credit card costs 120$/year and gives 1 night free each year upon renewal. Their bonus at subscription after putting 3000$ in six months gives us, I think a minimum of 65 K points. And when you pay by points the 5th night is free. So I often look to use these points in low season, catégories 1-3 for example in Asia, Africa or Spain. My stay in South Africa depended totally on those points for 14 days. You can take a look at the Marriott world map under “Redeem” section.

Mine is the HSBC WE. I find it has everything . You can judge by yourself

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Thank you!

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