Anyone free for a Meetup - San Diego, CA - 4th to 9th

I will be in San Diego December 4-9. Anybody for a great taco or drink?


Hi Grandma we have an event in San Diego on the 10th December … your dates are the 4th-9th if you could stay for an extra day it will be a fun event and we are always happy to welcome member volunteers … the more the merrier!!

@Kelly-Moderator & @Julie-Moderator are also in San Diego along with other members who volunteer at our events and from experience we know how much our members love to get together …


If I find a cheap hotel, with pleasure.

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@Grandma it would be so nice to meet you in person while you’re in San Diego! We would absolutely love it if you joined us at the Holiday Pawty!!! You can find all the details here

Hopefully you can make it, I would love to hear some of your favorite sitting stories :heart_eyes:


No problem, If I am not working the days you are here I would love to meet over lunch! What part of San Diego will you be sitting in?

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Haha awesome! Let me know when you find out and I can recommend some places to check out. Have you been to San Diego before?

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I love San Diego but not been there more than 12 years.
I spend 6 years bday at Coronado.

Coronado Island is beautiful. I have taken my pup to dog beach over there and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the famous Hotel Del restaurant that overlooks the beach. What kind of pet are you sitting? There are tons of dog friendly places in San Diego if you’re sitting a pup and want to take them along while you explore. :dog:


My sit has been cancelled.

Oh that’s too bad. Please let us know if you find another sit in San Diego so we can plan a meet up :slight_smile:

Thanks , I am looking for.

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I hope you can find another sit in San Diego, I too would love to meet you in person. We’re leaving town the 16th but if you’re here before then it would be great to try an arrange a meet up. Keep us posted,


Thanks. If not now perhaps some other time or somewhere else.

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