Anyone in London 23-30 Jan?

Hubby and I will be in London 23-30 Jan and would love to meet up with others for a drink and chat, if anyone’s interested.


Unfortunately not @Karen-Moderator, we will be in Surrey. Back in London 5-18 Feb.

Hi @Karen-Moderator,
I’m back from my current sit late on the 21st to my London base. Happy to meet up. Let me know.

We’d love to meet you @richten1! Let’s see if anyone else is interested, then work out the details.

Perfect. Just let me know the details. :sunglasses:

@Karen-Moderator @richten1 we could meet you tomorrow in Notting Hill area around lunchtime.
I have a great venue in mind which apparently is London’s finest dog friendly cafe and a possible place we could check out and if it’s good I could arrange a potential future meet up there.
It’s called the Pawsitive Cafe … they have availability currently :paw_prints: :dog::blush:

Hi @Samox24. Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I have a family lunch tomorrow so I can’t do tomorrow. Open to other dates though.

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Hi @richten1 that’s no problem at all, hopefully we can meet up on another occasion
@Karen-Moderator still happy to meet up tomorrow if you can make it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Samox24. What a wonderful idea! Unfortunately I’ve been a bit under the weather since arriving in London :sneezing_face:, so it’s probably best that we postpone meeting until the next time our paths cross. :frowning_face:

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Hi @Karen-Moderator I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly and I really hope you feel much better soon…. and most definitely we can arrange something, somewhere at another time

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