Anyone in Lyon France for a meetup in Nov?

I will be in Lyon until 23 Nov and would love to meet if anyone else is in the region. Please let me know if you are.


@Karen-Moderator Unfortunately not. It’s a lovely city though - I lived there for a year in the 1990s and spent a year at university there.

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@Debbie what a great experience that must have been! We’re enjoying walking around and exploring the various neighborhoods and the nooks and crannies of the city.

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@Karen-Moderator it was a fantastic experience living there, and also my first experience of living in a big city. My favourite areas were the old town and also up on the hill by Fourviere basilica and the roman ampitheatre. I also used to spend a lot of time in summer studying by the river, which was only a couple of blocks away.

I’ve only visited briefly on an overnight stop since. I’d love to return to spend more time there and show Lyon to my sons. Are you on a housesit there?

Study by the river? That sounds amazing. We explored the old town and the area around the basilica for the first time just yesterday. I can understand why they were favorites of yours. In a city full of amazing historic architecture and sites, those areas are truly special.

We’re not on a pet sit currently but taking a bit of a vacation. We had planned to spend time in Lyon on our last trip to Europe ten years ago, but a train issue got in the way. It’s great to finally be here! :heart:

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