Anyone near to Hawea, SI, NZ next 2 weeks

Hi we’re in Hawea, South Island, NZ until 25/3 and then around SI until a month of May in Dunedin, if anyone is near by. We’ve been housesitting with THS over 5 years, first time in NZ, Julie and Jonathan


Hello @Julie :wave:

Thank you for starting a meet-up. Sounds like an amazing location, wish I was there to join! I hope you find some members that are there at the same time. :smiling_face:

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Thank you Carla,
Btw do you know how I would post a video which is a .mov format, I wanted to post a lovely dog video in General or All about pets topics, not sure how to change it to an accepted video format?

Thank you if you can help or ask.

Best wishes

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I’ve just been messaged that @CoolCatAunt will be sitting in Wanaka from 20-24 March, maybe we can all meet up?

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Hello, @Julie I do not know the answer, but will happily look into this and get back to you. @geoff.hom might already know so I will tag him here too. :dog:

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No help as yet, would love to know how to do it, thnx

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Hi @Julie I am sorry we have not yet found the answer to this for you. My best guess is that your .mov file might just be too large. We’ve had members share their YouTube videos without issue…so maybe by uploading it to a site like YouTube or Vimeo it compresses the file so that it can be shared more easily on sites. That’s just a guess - but are looking to find the correct answer for you. I’m not sure if @geoff.hom saw this yet…he is incredibly good at these sorts of questions so I am sure next time he is on he will let us know.

In regards to your meet up I really hope it happens! Please share photos with us here if you do!

Hi @Kelly-Moderator and @Julie: Sorry, I was taking a mini-vacation for DST. :zzz: :sleeping: I did just look into videos for @Samox24, who posted this one: Spotted This Ever Hopeful Heron In Hoorn!.

Here’s what I recall:

  • Discord (the forum software) isn’t meant to be a video-hosting service. So the recommendation is to post your video to a site like YouTube and then post the link here.

    • I default to public for most of my YT vids. However, you can make it “unlisted” and still post the link here.
    • When you paste a YT link into a Discourse message (on its own line), it’ll make a nice preview and you can play the video without going to YT. Like you see in Sam’s post. This is called a OneBox, just if you ever see that word. The OneBox works for links from many sites but not all. I think it doesn’t work for Instagram, for example.
  • When you tried to upload your video to Discord, you probably saw a note saying that format wasn’t allowed. That’s correct. A mod or admin may be able to get around that, but again, Discord wasn’t meant for that. And it wouldn’t have all the nice bells and whistles that come with a site like YT.

If you run into any issues, just write back/DM me! Looking forward to seeing your video!

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Hello, @Julie thank you for your patience, I was waiting for an update and as @geoff.hom have kindly mentioned the video would need to be saved as a YouTube video first. If you need further help with uploading the video to YouTube please reach out to Geoff as mentioned in his message. I hope you manage to get the video uploaded :smiling_face:

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Thanks so much Geoff. Perhaps things have changed, I too have taken :sleeping::zzz: but I’m sure earlier we used to be able to post funny pet videos . Not sure giving a link in the text would be the same, but thank you again so much for your time and help :pray: