App vs Website Differences

I’ve noticed a few people mentioning things you can do on the website that you can’t do on the app and vice versa. I don’t use the app much because I’m usually on my computer, but I was wondering if we could list the differences here so I’m aware?

The only one I know for sure, is that on the website, if you are looking at sitter’s review on a sit, if they’re still active, you can click on a their name and go to their page and see how they reviewed other sits, as well as reviews that owners left for them.

If you know of any other differences, please list them here in the comments. Thanks!


Website (via a browser such as Safari or Chrome on a computer, tablet, or smart phone):

  • can see sitter’s profiles and other reviews they’ve left as well as reviews HOs have left over them (if they have a current account)
  • Premium Membership badge shows here but not on app
  • you can create up to 10 saved searches on the app but only create 3 on the browser version. You can still view all 10 on the browser.

App: (the THS app downloaded to a tablet or smart phone from Apple App Store or Google Play)

  • can see all previous sitters for a particular home owner, even if they haven’t left a review.
  • Photo captions show in app, but not website
  • you can create up to 10 saved searches on the app, but only 3 on the website.
  • When you favourite a listing via the app you will get a notification when they post new dates via the app. This is only a function via the app

On the app you can see the sitters who have left no reviews/feedback for the homeowner.
This doesn’t appear on the website.


The premium sitter/membership badge appears on the website profile but not on the App

By app, do you mean accessing the THS website on a tablet or a mobile phone? I ask because like you I almost never, ever, access THS except on my iPad. I’m not a snooper os I’ve never searched for other sitters’ reviews but it does now worry me that other people are accessing my reviews and feedback. I can’t understand why the two interfaces (desktop and mobile device) look different and allow you to do / see different things.

Any captions on photos in listings only appear in the app and not on the website

I don’t see this as snooping, but more gathering as much information as possible to make sure - for both the sitter and the homeowner - that it will be a good fit. I often read the reviews the homeowner gives of the sitter, as it gives me insight into what is important to the homeowner. I can then see if we have similar values. Sometimes a previous sitter’s review will also highlight expectations that are not in the homeowner’s write-up. I assess all content with an open mind as I realize we all have different values and expectations.


Nope, I mean the actual THS app. If you access the website on a browser on a tablet or phone etc, you’re still accessing the web version. The app looks and acts differently and has some different features.

FWIW, I don’t think of it as “snooping”. There are two reasons I like to look at other sitter’s reviews/profiles.

One is when a sitter leaves a less than awesome review on a sit, I like to see their other reviews and see if they have a tendency to be a little more critical in general (I’m pretty laid back and a lot of things that people complain about would not bother me).

The other reason I’ve sometimes looked at home owner’s reviews of their previous sitters is to get more insight into what the home owner values in a sitter. It’s usually pretty well reflected in their posting, but sometimes you can see specific things they really appreciated in another sitter and it helps me to know if we are a good match.


Exactly. Well said.

I don’t know what is meant by app, or browser, or tablet in this context.

Ok. I’ll try to explain. I am writing this on my computer. It’s a Mac and the “browser” I’m using is Safari. Other popular browsers are Chrome, Firefox etc.

A tablet is a iPad type device not made by apple.

When I’m on my iPad/tablet or my iPhone, I can open the Safari app (or Chrome app if I use that) and I can go to the THS website.

But, I can also access THS using their App. I go to the App Store and search Trusted Housesitters and then find and download the app to my phone or iPad.

Then, instead of using Safari on my phone/iPad to go to the THS website, I just open the THS app instead.

Most of this applies as well, if you’re not on an apple product. You would just go the App Store (not sure what it’s called) on an Android device and search for the THS app there.

I hope that makes sense?


One thing I’ve noticed and value, and fear may disappear in the new tiered memberships, is that you can create up to 10 saved searches on the app but only create 3 on the browser version. You can still view all 10 on the browser.


Oooh that’s handy to know, thanks!

What I don’t understand is why the 2 versions are so vastly different. I wonder why THS cannot take the best bits of both and create one superior version.


Hi All,

We often roll out functionality on one platform first and see what the usage is and whether this improves the member experience.

The differences highlighted are generally where the web or app is slightly behind. These are on our to-do list of improvements.

The App has an increased limit on Saved Search to account for sending hourly push notifications. So when a listing meets the saved search criteria the member receives a push message on the hour notifying them of the new sit.

Thanks, Ben


Oh that’s good to know @lifephasenext, and I hope they keep that ability for all members.

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Thanks Ben, I have no doubt. I completely understand that a website and an app are two entirely different animals and they’re not always necessarily going to be the same. And to be clear, my purpose of this post was not to complain about the current differences, rather I just wanted to be aware of them so I don’t miss out on a function that I didn’t realize existed. Thanks!


for whatever reason I cannot log into the forum on the app. I am told my info is incorrect

This just happened to me too, so I reset my password. My old password had nine characters. The forum now requires ten characters.

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I’m confused. I didn’t think the forum was accessible from the app? At least it isn’t on my version. Are you by any chance talking about accessing THS and/or the Forum via a browser (like Safari) on your device?

I had the same reaction as you to this. I just searched Apple apps and didn’t see one specifically for the forum.