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28 June Hello! I’m Michelle and live in Virginia (originally from WA state and fully vaccinated). I was referred to this site from a friend in France who uses it frequently to find sitters for her home. In a short period of time, I’ve met some incredibly wonderful people…like-minded in fact!
It would be wonderful to find an experienced house-sitter for my place while I’m in France the end of August. I have a dog, Radar who is an amazing cattle dog/border collie mix, three cats and four chickens…and a nice big garden!
The lucky person who will help me out will have fresh eggs, vegetables and tons of furry and feathered love while I’m away.
I think I’m now tempted to also become a sitter! I look forward to hearing and learning from many here as I prepare myself for a new adventure living in France.
Cheers! ~Michelle


Hi Michelle, Welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from Virginia, where in WA State were you? The Upper Pacific NW is a favorite of many TrustedHousesitters and coming from Vancouver BC, WA has always been one of my go to places, particularly Seattle and Bainbridge Island where I have a number of dear friends all made through TrustedHousesitters … Virginia is also on my US bucket list.

Your home and fur and feather friends sound delightful. Love the name Radar, being a collie he would be that “I can find anything or anyone” or is someone a Mash fan perhaps? I can’t imagine you would have any problems finding a “lucky person” … eggs, veggies and all creatures great and small, it’s everything many sitters would love to experience.

A combined membership is so flexible … sitting and having sitters, it’s the perfect recipe for meeting more like minded people, enjoying pet companionship, slow travel and living like a local in your own home away from home.

Thank you for joining in the conversations enjoy connecting with other members and we can’t wait to share in your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Angela & The Team

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Hi Michelle and welcome from a fellow archaeologist/musician! :grinning: Are you going to France to do fieldwork? What’s your area of study? So many questions but it’s not every day you connect with another archaeologist!


Hello Angela and thank-you!! It’s my pleasure to find this site and I hope I’ll have a positive experience with it. Still searching for a housesitter for the end of August.

I was born in WA state! Grew up on a farm in Eastern WA and then also lived for many years in Seattle…and later in Oregon (Eugene). I spent a lot of time in BC and love kayaking on the Sunshine Coast. I highly recommend visiting both Vancouver and Victoria. You can’t go wrong with the food, culture, outdoor activities and especially the people. Learn about the First Nations of BC to understand British Columbia and its roots.

Virginia is very diverse in environments, culture and towns…and as you know our nation’s history. Come for a visit!

Radar was actually named after something I do as an archaeologist and later as a geospatial engineer, “Ground Penetrating Radar”…but Radar O’Reilly is always a nice nod to his name.

Again, thank-you for welcoming me and I look forward to participating within the forum!

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Hello “alternativetravelers”! I’m actually going to France to view properties to buy to support my future move.
I was mainly a PacNW archaeologist who focused on lithics/soils/ethnobotany. Reach out anytime! If you’re available to sit, it would be my pleasure to chat.

I took a look at your sit and wish I could apply. I’m committed to a sit for my brother from mid-Aug through mid-Sept. Maybe another time.

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Welcome to the forum @mapgrrl - where in France are you visiting? We’ve just recently become residents, have a long term house sit, and have also just bought a bit of land and some barns to renovate. France is big in our future!! If you make it to the Burgundy region do let us know… we are always up for coffee and house sitting / travel chats :heart_eyes: Meanwhile, hope you find a sitter for your home in Virginia… it sounds wonderful!


Bonjour Vanessa! I’m considering about three regions at the moment but will narrow it down before I leave. I love Bretagne, but am finding more properties to purchase between Bordeaux - Gers-down South of Toulouse…a triangle of sorts. If I don’t find a property, I will look for a long-term house-sit if it’s possible with my own pets…a bit of a challenge I think. If I make it to your area, I would love to meet. Hope you’re been able to be vaccinated! Cheers, Michelle