Are Bots applying for sittings?

I have suspected for a while that people are using bots or some sort of automation to apply for sittings with specific key words. It seems impossible that some of them fill up within 3 seconds of being published. However, yesterday I saw one that made me be even more sure about it. Sitting advertised in the south of England. No picture of the owners or pets - just no pictures at all. One line of description. Nothing about the house or area. Results: they had 2 applicants by the time I looked :-). Just crazy. Surely nobody in their right mind would apply for that. What do you think?

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Actually, Trusted Housesitters should not have allowed that listing to go live.

Aren’t they checking new listings before they go live?

There are supposed to be descriptions and photos of the interior living space for the sitter and photos the pets.


I think I have seen it before - it’s when a home owner makes an update to their listing, the listing goed all weird until they hit save. This could have been the case, if they just posted, they might have remembered something to add.

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HI @SalomeL I searched earlier and located the listing and have passed to the Membership Services Team we have also removed your post. Thank you for flagging.

As this has been passed to the MS team to manage we will close this post.