Are you only members of THS or some other sites too?

Why are you members of other sites (and which ones if it’s allowed to tell the names ??), to see more opportunities ?
I discovered some web sites where comparisons between pet sitting sites are made, do you use that ?
Are you members of digital nomads, a forum which seems to welcome many THS members ?
Now that this THS forum is open, will you leave the other ones ?

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How strange, I know some members of this forum who post on other sites, but none has replied…

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We joined “House Sitters Canada” for one year as it was free and we did a sit a few hours away from us. The sits were only in Canada so we didn’t see the point in remaining as members once they started with a paid subscription. We feel that Trusted House Sitters offers such a variety of sits throughout the world there really isn’t any point in belonging to another house site site.