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You can certainly follow the route that @temba has suggested. You can also access your profile in the same area of your dashboard as I mentioned earlier, and where you have shared a screen capture. Under your photo in that same area, you’ll see a preview option. In your listing preview, if you scroll down you will see your calendar.

Days crossed out are those where you have a confirmed sit. If you do not have a confirmed sit, you will not see any crossed out dates.

If you do use your calendar, the available dates you have added will show in green. The default white is for days you are unavailable.

If you look at past posts about the calendar, you will see that many have asked for this calendar system to be reviewed and improved, to make it more user friendly.

Interesting yours works this way @Snowbird as when I preview my profile, my photos and written sections are current but my reviews are not up-to-date (last one is for Jan 2018!) and no Availability section shows. That’s why I always check it in Find a Pet Sitter.

You had me doubting myself so I had to check, just to make sure. Both ways, mine look exactly the same. That is strange. :thinking:

I’ve solved the problem @Snowbird and yes, it’s all there now! Thank you! Sorry I made you doubt yourself!!

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Disappointed to see the Calendar still hasn’t been made user friendly. Tried to use it again today but as usual given up. We desperately need a calendar as we get when booking flights. See all the months at a glance and allow us to tick the dates we are NOT available. Many odd dates come in throughout the year when we are unavailable and we need to be able to just pop into the Calendar and cross them out as unavailable. Not start trawling through a list of dates we may have added as it presently stands. We get many invites to Sit when we are not available and it isn’t fair that Owners have gone to all that trouble to make contact and we have to let them down. A waste of time all round. In my opinion the Calendar is the only thing that lets THS down but this is a huge let down in my opinion.

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HI @Marion58 welcome back to the forum it’s been a while I hope you have been keeping well and happy to hear that you are back to sitting once again.

The calendar is on the roadmap for the team, we realise this is an ongoing discussion and that some members, like yourself find the functionality frustrating however it is down to time and priorities and when we have some news on this we will update members.

Thank you.

Hi Angela

Thank you for coming back to me so quickly.

Yes, we are managing to get in a few Sits in between looking after the two dogs here belonging to disabled ladies. It’s awkward because when we are away those two dogs don’t go out etc.

As mentioned I feel bad when Owners go to the trouble of inviting us and I have to turn them down. If the calendar could show the dates we cannot do in an easy way, I wouldn’t feel so bad if Owners write to me without having first checked the calendar.

Hope you are all keeping well.

Best wishes

I agree. I’m getting very frustrated with the calendar option as well. I have my entire calendar set to unavailable, and yet I’m getting invites several times each week - and all over the country. It takes time to send a nice message with each decline and I wish there was an easier way to go about this. I am unlikely to accept an invitation because I generally know the destinations and time periods I’m interested in. I’d love any feedback on how to cut down on my invitations nicely.

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Please vote here to give sitters the ability to turn the feature off:

We rejected two invites just this week.

Personally. we do not mind getting invited for sits and look on it as a compliment. I still do not understand how we are chosen to be invited amongst the thousands of sitters?
It is also a mystery the frequency that we get them … none for a fortnight, then three in a day is not uncommon!
Until this week we have never been able to accept one as they never seem to be what we are looking for at that particular time - however this week one came through that was a perfect fit for us so we happily accepted!


@colin - If you change something in your profile (update) or are confirmed for a sit, or a review is posted, or even I think if a HO views your profile, your profile jumps to the front of the list - even for just a few minutes you can be seen on the first few pages when a HO views all sitters. So out of (an estimated) 35k sitters, you are shown in the top few pages. A new HO maybe doesn’t understand how to search, or just views the first few pages and if they like a profile, will contact you. I have had the same, not now I’m in Bali, but I did get regular invites from all over UK when I was back in Scotland.

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Would it help to mention in the first sentence of your profile that you are not available for invites at all? People should at least read that much.
I do the same thing as a HO. My first sentence states that we only accept fully vaccinated and boostered sitters as well as that please nobody applies if they want to travel with more people than one partner and that no sitter’s pets are allowed at all. Only after this we introduce ourselves. I would love to move this to the end of the listing but experience shows that not everybody reads through it completely. So far it has helped to filter out those that would be declined by me right away.


Same here @Colin. It only takes a few seconds to type a thanks but no thanks message


I’m grateful to THs for providing generally such a great platform. I have a suggestion for how to make it even better.

I’m getting many requests to sit where it’s clear that the HOs have only checked my reviews and location and not read my whole profile. I don’t house-sit in my local area and I don’t have any availability for months, but the requests for local sits in the few weeks keep coming. This is a time-waster for the HO and for me. (Plus I’m amazed that HOs aren’t reading the full profile and wanting to find out as much about a sitter as possible before entrusting them with their homes and pets!)

The current calendar system only lets me say when I AM available and it’s time-consuming to keep up to date, e.g. when I get a sit in the middle of a previously available date range, I have to reenter the free dates on either side of the new sit.

Can I suggest to THS admin that you enable us to manually block out time where we are NOT available?

I also request that HOs would have to specify a date range when contacting us and if we are not available during those dates, they can’t contact us.

The current system provides inadequate information and wastes time. I hope it can be fixed. Thank you.


I totally agree and have literally just received another request to sit for three dogs on three separate dates even though our profile states we have no availability and only consider a maximum of two dogs.

You would hope that HO read and consider sitter profiles so that they can find a good match for their pets and not just anyone who happens to be available.

I also find the availability calendar too complex to use so put a header on my profile.


Is @Petermac right, our profiles jump to near the top of big general lists when there’s activity on them? I also receive invitations for sits that really don’t apply to me (and I do reply). @Vanessa-ForumCMgr ?

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Hi @Lauraa … I’m going to tag @Lucy-Moderator and @Therese-Moderator so that whoever is online first can pick this up and answer your questions. Thanks for your patience.


Hi @Lauraa I’ll have to check on this one and will get back to you as soon as I can.


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Hi @Lauraa Just following up on this one, thanks for your patience.

The order in which sitters are displayed can be determined by a number of factors but the ordering is mainly random. That said, we know that the majority of owners use the ‘search sitters by location’ function rather than simply picking the top of the page.

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Thank you. Searching by location when the location is London brings up 2328 sitters, and, even when that’s refined by dates and pets and 3 types of verifications, there are nearly 700. I wondered, like someone else further up, how homeowners I’ve never favourited come to invite me. I’ve never stuck around in the search long enough to find myself!