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Ok, thanks, didn’t see her post.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback on the availability calendar and invites.

We are conducting some member interviews soon on this topic and are looking for sitters (both full-time sitters and more casual sitters). If you would like to take part and have your say, please email arjuna@trustedhousesitters.com mentioning the type of sitter you are (full or part time), how long you’ve been a member of TrustedHousesitters and your timezone and availability over the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is interesting. I’ve just read through this entire thread and I can se that in April of 2021, THS was promising to do something with the unwieldy calendar. Here we are nearly 16 months on and nothing has been done …

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It’s been about two years since I attempted to edit my availability on the calendar so with some time on my hands this afternoon I decided to take another “stab” at updating. I was more frustrated than ever. Question - how does a sitter view their “availability calendar” within their profile or can they? I scrolled through 25 pages of sitters who live in my city only to not find my profile at all and I can’t see how I can view it from within my profile. Help! I just want to make sure I’ve edited correctly but definitely won’t bother going forward.

Hi @Globetrotter there are instructions in the website Help Section if this is not the answer you need I will tag @Therese who will pick up and assist when she is next on line …

Hi Angela: I know how to go about amending the dates etc although I find it very cumbersome but I’d like to know how to “view” my calendar to see whether I have amended the dates correctly. I don’t seem to be able to do this on my “dashboard”. In the past I have just looked for my profile as if I was a homeowner looking for a sitter and there I see the entire year’s availability. I can’t seem to find my profile though under the city where I live. Never had that problem before until this afternoon.

In your dashboard you will see “Sitter Profile” …
You can manage your dates here “Manage Availability”
Click on Preview … this will take you to your profile, scroll down to the bottom an that is where you will see the calendar

Hi Angela - I followed your directions but that page did not come up for me. I went to “dashboard” and clicked on “profile preview” but I still don’t see my calendar. I’ll just leave for now - I think I’m done with the calendar :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!

@Globetrotter Did you scroll way down the page? It’s after Pet Care Experience.

Hi Snowbird - yes tried that too and still can’t see the calendar. Thanks anyway. I see you’ve made a comment re the calendar on another thread. I think a few of us on here volunteered to have a video call with Ben from THS and I was one of those participants who brought up the calendar. Ben had a good question and asked “is the calendar necessary”. I responded I didn’t think so because if a homeowner approaches a sitter and they’re not available so be it so I’m not even sure the calendar is worth being utilized.

Try this.

  1. Go to https://www.trustedhousesitters.com

  2. Find your name in the upper right hand corner. If it’s not there, log in and you will see it.

  3. Click on your name and a menu that pops up.

Click on Dashboard (in that menu):

Then scroll down and you should find your Availability (Calendar).

To add or delete dates you are available, click on Manage Availability.

To see your full calendar, click on Preview and scroll down.

Hope that helps!


@Globetrotter on the app you have to go through the Me icon (bottom RHS) not the dashboard. Then choose view and edit profile, then scroll to the bottom of the page under the “availability” heading there is a very obscure green “view” with a green arrow, choose that & you get to see your calendar. It’s quite hidden and not very intuitivel


Hi @Globetrotter Thanks for sharing those thoughts about the value (or not) of having a calendar display. It’s something I hadn’t considered. I love it when people think outside the box. I’ve also participated in those sessions with Ben and find it wonderful to be able to have my opinions heard and to hear a little of what’s happening.


I rarely use the app but that worked - thanks Crookie!


I just had a home owner who wanted to invite me to a sit. Unfortunately, they did not read the availability calendar as we are already booked for a house sit during that time.
After discussing with them that we’d be unavailable for the one specified they are happy to consider me and my family as long as the kids don’t break anything for future sits (and they doesn’t have their listing as “family friendly” either).
Communication is so vital and important with the home owners and sitters. I hope we can sit for them as they seem nice.


As a sitter, I don,'t use the calander as I am only available to sit in very specific areas at specific times.

It really only works when sitters apply for the sits they want. I have never been able to accept a HOs request for a sit I haven’t applied to.

I just tried to block out some dates as “unavailable” on my THS calendar and found out I couldn’t do it. How absurd and stupid… whoever designs this feature…what are they thinking? I have NEVER seen an availability calendar like that.

I have some plans (not sitting-related) for the future months so I should be able to block out certain dates as unavailable. Why am I not allowed to do it on THS?

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This has been a bone of contention since the Forum started.
I was invited to a live survey supposedly about the calendar. When I mentioned it I was told that this was not priority anymore and may be scrapped.
They need to do one thing or another as it is not fit for purpose in its current state

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