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I’ve done a few house sits, and I was just wondering how many home owners actually reach out to you when you put your availability on your profile?

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We’ve been on THS as full time house sitters for nearly 5 years and always keep a full open availability. We get invites occasionally and it ebbs and flows. Sometimes a couple in a week and sometimes we go a month or two with none.

We tend to mainly get ‘local’ sit invites, meaning from owners who live in the same city that’s listed on our profile (however, we go a year+ without being in that city). Occasionally we get invites from other areas.

To be honest, we’ve never had an invite from an owner we hadn’t previously spoken with that worked out for our dates and travel needs. So, we rely mostly on looking for and applying for listed sits.

Hopefully that helps a bit :slight_smile:

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Hello @KoriStephens and welcome to the community. We hope you enjoy starting and joining conversations, and connecting with other members from around the world.

This is a good question, and one that for us has varied tremendously over our years of house sitting. Generally, because we’ve always been very proactive in applying for sits, we’ve not been available to accept. Now we are based in France, and with the big upturn in house sitting, we are getting requests on a weekly basis, some for repeat sits rather than based on our calendar, but many that are new. I suspect, however, if we were still showing our previous location of London, it could be far less at the moment.

What’s your experience so far?


Hi @KoriStephens
When the listing for sitters was based on how many reviews a sitter had then we used to receive about 10 per week. Now, we receive about one a year.
I am not complaining as this gives everyone a fair chance. Also, it was apparent that many of the HOs had not read our profile or even looked at our availability calendar.
That is another issue, you may have read on other threads that it is too difficult for people to manually keep their calendar up to date so they may not even be available.

Hi @KoriStephens,
I used to get two or three per yea., Most came while I was already on a sit and the HO saw that I was already in-country. Since the upturn in available housesitting opportunities (as the world opens), I’ve gotten quite a few. Most have been local but several were in other states and one international invite.

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