Do you get background checks if they just have email verification?

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I’ve attached a screenshot of the website page on Trust & Safety so that you can see what checks are made at the two different levels, depending on the symbol displayed on their sitter profile.

I hope this answers your question, but if you have any further query, please let me know.
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Thanks Vanessa. So basic verification is really not a screening. I did secure a sitter for my dates but the couple has a basic verification. Not sure what to do?


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I have only “basic verification” as I refuse to use a third party company that I don’t know from Adam with my personal data… Hopefully this hasn’t put any HO’s off confirming me. I would expect my 50 all 5 star reviews to give the HO’s enough piece of mind!

I also have my own public indemnity insurance that very few TH’s have. Happy to pass my Policy number to HO’s so they can verify that.

Happy to show my passport etc., to HO’s on arrival - but will not email it, text it or let a HO photocopy it.


I am the same as @claresitsdogs and I also have over 50 5* reviews.

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I have never concerned myself with verification, I just base my choice on the sitter’s messages, profile, and reviews they’ve received and left. That gives me enough confidence that they are who they say they are. Maybe I put too much faith in people and the system, but it’s worked so far :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand you but we are so often obliged to send our passeport copy to banks on line, for example when you decide to open an account, or even to airbnb that you’re never sure your I.D are secure (even when you show them to a hotel or a car rental agency which makes a copy, what does it become after your departure ??)

I always ask the owner’s personal adress, once selected, it’s always possible to send a copy by normal mail, with the copy of insurance policy if needed