Bad treatment

@Hallt64 My small dog had 3 small meals a day.


Our midsize dog used to have three meals a day, but we switched to two, because it seemed better for him. We both telecommute, so it didn’t make a difference for us.

THS terms do not allow a sitter to leave a sit without giving you reasonable time to arrange alternate pet care:

5.3.7. not leave any Sit early under any circumstances, especially where this results in any pet(s) being left unattended, without first informing the Pet Parent and giving them reasonable time to arrange alternative pet care. If you do, you will instantly receive a lifetime ban from the Platform with no refund of membership fees paid;

Obviously people may argue over what is reasonable but at a minimum I suggest you open a dispute with THS over this (as opposed to just reporting it to THS) and I guess THS will be the arbiter of what is reasonable for the purposes of this section.
If there reason for elaving was their schedule or merely annoying dog behaviour though rather than an issue with the dogs behaviour that was dangerous then personally I would expect a fairly lengthy period to arrange alternative provision.
They also cannot just leave a sit for just any reason so again just their schedule being the reason would be pretty flimsy in my opinion.

THS say this in the terms:

2.1. When you arrange a Sit via our Platform , you are entering into an agreement between yourself and a Pet Parent or Sitter (as applicable). It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the Home Listing/Sitter Profile are in line with your expectations and experience. We do provide guidance on how best to arrange a Sit , however this is provided for information purposes only and any arrangements you come to are part of the separate agreement between you and the Pet Parent or Sitter (as applicable). You agree that the requirements of Pet Parents and Sitters set out in clauses 5.2 and 5.3 of these Terms of Service form part of the separate agreement between you and the Pet Parent or Sitter (as applicable).

So while they remove themselves from any agreement between you and the sitters they have ensured that the bullk of the important bits (5.2 and 5.3) are part of any agreement made verbally or otherwise.
I’d be very interested to know if you make any headway especially as cancellations have costs in both directions even with the THS “this is not insurance” insurance

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At this point we do not know for sure that the sit was through THS.


Hi @Limelight12

I just wanted to check in and see if you’d read my reply from the other day.

We’d be more than happy to have a look into this if you could drop me (or @Carla) a DM with the email address that you signed up to Trusted Housesitters, as your forum email address doesn’t match with any paid account we have.

It’d also be great if you could provide a bit more information as mentioned by some of our members in their replies.

We have a policy of not closing down discussions on the Forum, but without any further information, we might have to wrap this one up if there’s nothing more to add in order for us or Forum members to be able to help.

Thank you!



@Hallt64 My dog doesn’t need to eat 3 times daily, but if he walks for 3+ walks a day, he usually asks to be fed a lunch and I will usually comply but with 1/4 amount of what I normally feed him during his morning/evening meals. He’s also a small dog (7 lbs).

@Hallt64 Puppies should be fed more frequently than once or twice per day, in my opinion. That is the only time that we have encountered 3 times per day feeding schedule.

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I agree, puppies may need extra intake

Coming in late on this, but the OP has been asked at least 3 times whether or not this was a THS sit, and has not answered each time! Mods have stepped in to suggest reporting the dispute. Maybe it’s time to close the thread.


Hi @Marion

Spot on.

As mentioned as few weeks ago we updated our process and try not to close threads (link for anyone that’s curious!), but in this case I think we’ve given OP enough time to pop back with more information, and with no updates from them, the discussion won’t really be able to help anyone else reading it in future.

I’m closing the thread now, but if @Limelight12 does come back and want to provide the info we requested, they can do so via DM and at that point we can look at reopening the discussion if appropriate as it’d be nice to see an update and an outcome if this was a THS sit.

Thanks to everyone who popped in to give some advice, as always you’re superstars!

Jenny :slightly_smiling_face: