Being asked to sit again

My wife and I have nearly 40 5* reviews but this doesn’t include being asked to sit again. We have been asked to sit for a couple again but the have asked us privately. Do we do it?

hI @Davidl - Are they no longer members of THS?

Do you mean they have asked you privately via THS or privately off the site?

Do you want to do it?

If they are off the THS site, delve further into their reasoning and your own feelings, pros and cons.
Make a decision based on how and why this would benefit you.
Your only obligation and responsibility is to yourself. If they are still members, ask them kindly to create the listing and msg you or send you an invite when it’s up and live.


I have done repeat sits for people that we originally connected with on the site, without booking again on it. We have a lot of reviews already so not getting one from these sits isn’t something that matters much–to me, that would appear to be the only ‘advantage’ to officially booking a sit on the site. If it is somewhere we would be happy to return, and it gives us somewhere to stay for that designated amount of time, fine by us. We are generally more relaxed about this process overall than other sitters may be, from what I have read here. Ultimately you should do what makes you most comfortable


They are still members but prefer us

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I’ve done a number of sits where we have been asked back. If you want to do it I say do it. I’m actually surprised you haven’t encountered this before if you have done over 40. If they still have THS membership they can invite you directly but you’re not beholden to only do sits through THS.

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@Davidl If they are still members just get them to send you an invite for their dates. You accept and it’s all good. We’ve done plenty like that as we keep in touch with many of the home owners We’ve sat for. In fact, it was the only way we could get a sit in London for our return to the UK as we are currently travelling in south asia and most sits in London are gone by the time we wake up. I sent a message to our contacts and one decided they’d like a holiday if we were available to sit. Voila… we have a week in Battersea booked for May.


That’s great. I have done many like that on and off official site.
It’s up to you and your comfort level.
You gain trust and more invites but forfeit feedback/reviews. Trust your gut.

@Davidl , if they are still members it makes sense for them to privately invite you via THS - This way the THS insurance will cover them should there be an accident whilst you are there


As they are still members of THS, the process is simple. However, it does boil down to whether you actually WANT to do a return sit for them. This year I have already declined four owners who I sat for in the UK last year. All were very enjoyable sits BUT I do not want to visit these counties this year. The decision is yours.

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We are HOs and have had several sitters back for repeat roles. I have always set a private sit after the sitter has confirmed that they can sit so that we are covered under THS. I think that’s the best option for us

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