Being the 5th applicant

I didn,'t know that !!!
Meaning that the Pet-Owner may receive more than 5 applications at a time ?
Good to know.
Thanks for the tip.

How do bots figure into this? I don’t understand.

@Karilil Instead of refreshing the search page all the time (some sitters do that a lot), one could write a computer program for that. There is a suspicion that some people may have done that.

Thank you, I’m not computer literate.:woozy_face:

And how are they dealiing with that?

I don’t think that they can do much against such bots. It is quite similar to what a human might do: refreshing a search page every minute or so (for example Paris or Barcelona).

I have a suggestion of what THS could do: impose a minimum time (eg 30 minutes) between opening the application window and submitting the application. That would give humans a chance.

That happened to us recently, too. The HO (new to THS) responded that it was ‘only fair’ that they speak to sitters in order of applications received. We withdrew our application.

As others have already mentioned, there are all sorts of reasons why sitters are declined. I would say I get accepted for maybe 3/4 of the sits I apply for, and that is with 70+ 5* glowing reviews. With so many sitters on the site, even with only five applications, you have just a 20% chance of being accepted. One common reason for declining a sitter is that HOs work down the list of applications in order of receiving them so somebody with an excellent profile who sent their application in before yours will get the sit. Don’t beat yourself up about it! Just accept that there will be many more HOs declining your application, just a fact of life and mathematical probability.

As a new first time HO who was looking for a sitter I can say it is incredibly difficult to choose from so many excellent sitters. I had 15 applicants for this first sit. I had to reject 14 for no other reason than i only needed one. I messaged each one explaining the difficult choice rather than just press a reject button. But for sure my choice was no reflection on the others


@alastair that was lovely of you to reply to each one individually, many HO’s wouldn’t be so courteous. Well done and I hope the one you chose works out great :blush:

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Hi @alastair - that is very considerate of you and as a sitter I would appreciate that personal touch.
I am intrigued as to how you received 15 applications. I guess it was before the rule of five or you dealt with five at a time until you made your decision.
I would presume there was a good match within the first five applicants in your case.

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Don’t beat yourself up about it or take it personally. I have an impeccable record but not unusually I get ignored by HOs with a straight decline. I’ll never know the reason but sometimes you have to move on.


A perfect example of why this 5 application system is awful for sitters, but unfortunately THS management doesn’t care.

I went back to the HO who didn’t choose me and politely asked why she didn’t choose me. It was my small number of reviews. I’m not a digital nomad and only want to sit occasionally. Primarily outside of my country. I had no sits at all from 2020 to 2023 due to life. I was scheduled for one last August and it was canceled by the HO for very legitimate reasons. I had another where I was chosen but the HO was insisting that I send ID via unsecure email and I withdrew.

So I applied for a local sit and was chosen after a teleconference this afternoon.

Helpful conversation here other than being told how lucky I am. Hard to hear when you’re in the middle of planning a double funeral for immediate family members.