"Best Of" List

Thank you “Best Of” contributors, we are loving these lists … Question, how do you keep track of your Best Of’s? Some sitters have spreadsheets, some rely on their memory or THS profile reviews and completed sits … how do you keep “score” of your pet sits?

I built a blog (i give the link when i apply) with dates, locations, many photos and texts on each aventure precising If i drove over there, renting a car, using mine or the owner’s

All photos published with the owner’s permission
For each sit, there are more informations on a devoted page

So far
9 sits (only 7 with THS) in 3 years
3 countries (Spain, Uk, France)
14 cats
6 dogs
13 hens
6 tropical fish

28 days in 2 sits (2018)
37 days in 7 sits ( since 2019 with THS)


That’s very amazing @Provence, your journalistic skills come shining through!

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Thanks Angela. And there is a full page of text by location. No use to show here…

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Hey there folks.
This is a great idea,I think I will start doing this.I have to agree it would be hard to name a favorite animal , I always get realy attached with them all. Letting them come to me rather than me trying to come to them.So far I have looked after horses,dogs,cats,fish in a pond. My first years house siting(mostly in Spain) I did some remote sits and I had a car in all of them. And even tho it was not rural I had a car in a few of them. I did a sit in Denmark for people that I had sat for in Spain and there they had 4 horses,3 big dogs and 5 out doors cats. It was in the witnter so I had to put the horses in over night and out again in the morning. But they were fair and paid me for doing all of this since I had to clean the stable and of course feed the horses and walk the dogs down to the beach.

I love this idea!

Hi @Bravo1239 Welcome to our community forum thank you for joining thank you for sharing your experiences so far it’s always a benefit when owners in remote parts offer the use of a vehicle it can make the difference between them getting a sitters or not.

For our community of pet lovers It’s great being able to look after a variety of animals and like you I looked after 4 horses, 4 dogs, 6 cats and a flock of fine feathered friends on a small ranch in Washington State and was happy to take on the extra work as they did outline in their listing exactly what was involved, they had such good husbandry and a very efficient system that it didn’t take very long at all …

In contrast I have just arrived at my latest sit in London, with just two adorable kitties.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

Angela and the TEam