Book Club: Ongoing discussion for future books

This topic is for discussing future books for the book club.

As a bit of history, the unofficial TH book club was started by @Karen_E. People suggest books, we pick one and read it, then we discuss it on Google Meet/Zoom.

We don’t have a formal process for suggesting books, picking one, or even how the discussion will go. Currently, we’ve been reading a book every 1–2 months, very casually.

So far, we’ve done the following:

Amazingly, the author of each book has joined us for the discussion! If we break that streak, it’s totally okay. :wink:

Anyone is welcome to suggest a book. After a specific book is chosen, we’ll make a separate topic to coordinate the meeting details.

The intent is that everyone interested in the book club can watch this topic (the one you’re reading now), even if they aren’t interested in a particular chosen book. Also, people can see which books have been read, and they won’t need to resubmit book suggestions each month.


Before I forget, thanks to @Amparo for noting a 4-month free trial of Audible in another topic:

Also, that one can share books in one’s Kindle library!

Hmm, and I forgot to tag those who were in the club already:

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Ok, who has a suggestion for our next book?

@Cuttlefish had one: “Let Nature Be Your Compass” by Rosie Tomkins. Cuttlefish, feel free to provide more info/links.

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Thanks @geoff.hom.

I would like to suggest; The Empress and the English Doctor. By Lucy Ward.

It’s written well, non fiction yet evocative and reads like a novel, has a lot of well researched, accurate historical and geographical content. It’s an easy read too.

I am finding it deeply engaging and also inspiring. It’s quite topical, given our recent global experience with Covid. And has a very human, relatable and universally applicable story. Tonnes of rich and discussable content within it.


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Here’s the link to Rosie’s book. It’s on the subject of natural intelligence and is a self development book that teaches humans lessons from animals and the natural world

Rosie is a long time coach, trainer, leader and entrepreneur who is an ex polo player that uses horses to help humans learn how to manage situations and understand themselves better. I’ve worked with her for about 18 months and she’s a tour de force!

She has written one book already for which she won an award. You can read the book in a day if you choose to so it’s a good quick read with an author chat & insight.

Let me know and can coordinate. Rosie is in the UK


Thanks for the suggestions, @Purdie and @Cuttlefish!

I was thinking: Personally, I like a little structure. And though @Karen_E started the club, we don’t have any formal leadership.

How about we take suggestions for our next book through this Friday? Then we can just vote/poll the week after.

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A classic. Free download as is in public domain.
And yes all 7925 books on this site are available free.
Have fun.


Ok, let’s vote for our next book! Normally I’d make a poll, but that function is down for the foreseeable future. So, just reply below with which book(s) you are keen to read. :blue_book: :grin: :blue_book:

Our choices are:

I’ll tally the votes in a week (deadline: Sat, Nov. 4, 11:59 pm Central Time). BTW, no one should feel obligated to vote/read. Last time we had only 3 people in the discussion, plus the author, but I think everyone there had a great time.

You may be wondering: if you’re fine with all three books, should you still vote? Yes, just vote for all three! It’s encouraging to the club. Plus, when I make a new topic for just the chosen book, I’ll know to tag you so you’re in the loop.

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Hey @geoff.hom, thanks for taking charge with organising a vote!
All three of these books sound great, so I’m going to do as you suggest and vote for all three :smiley:
Please do tag me when you make the new topic.


@geoff.hom Thanks for setting up this thread and for organizing the vote. I am interested in reading all three books (read Travels with Charley many moons ago).
I vote that we start with Let Nature be your Compass, followed by The Empress and the English Doctor, and then Travels with Charley.


I’ll go all three too @geoff.hom - why not? We have time. Thanks for organising us :raised_hands:t3:


Ditto. All 3 why not? :heart_eyes:

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For now, I’m just thinking about the next book. :sweat_smile: I vote equally for “Let Nature be your Compass” and for “The Empress and the English Doctor.”

One more day to vote!


As we seem to be voting for all anyway and still need to choose, how about we take them in the order they were suggested/offered up?

Hi @Purdie et al.

Ok, voting’s over! I treated @Landbiscuit’s vote as being for “Let Nature be your Compass," since I’m thinking about just our next book. That was the decisive vote. So, let’s all read that.

I’ll start a new topic on Monday and tag those who voted for it (i.e., everyone who voted).

It looks like we may read “The Empress” after “Let Nature be your Compass." But let’s cross that bridge when we get to it? :bridge_at_night:

Let me know when you’d like to do a “chat with the author” session and will set it up for everyone. Rosie lives in the UK. Here’s a nice pic of her & Baxter this last week as the book launched!


@geoff.hom Thank you for coordinating our book selection process.

@Cuttlefish I’ve downloaded Rosie’s book onto my Kindle and will start reading this week. Since you know Rosie, feel free to coordinate with her schedule to line up a video chat for the group. For the previous selections, we have typically chatted 4 - 6 weeks after selecting our book. It seems as though more people have been available to join the chat if it is scheduled mid-week (Tuesday has worked well) and evening GMT/mid-day US east coast time.

I’m looking forward to reading the book :open_book: and to our future video chat

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Ok, I made the topic for our next book:

Feel free to repost relevant info there for convenience. And I agree with what @Landbiscuit said.

Chatting with Rosie in the morning UK time so I will come back with some choices for a discussion on a Tuesday eve early to mid December in that 4-6 week bracket @Landbiscuit mentioned :+1:t3: