Boosted Too Early?

I can’t help you with how the boost function works, but maybe if you change the title of your post, people could weigh in on how to improve your listing. You’ll get quality applicants if you have a quality listing.

The first thing to do is have a read of this recent post about common mistakes in listings.

My first and overwhelming impression of your listing is that the responsibilities section is very long and confusing for me to read. I’d change the order so feeding and walking schedule is first, the car notes are in the house section anyway so could be removed, and the notes about handover could be near the end.

I also think lead with the positive. I don’t smoke or vape, but reading that in all caps at the start is quite negative and off-putting. It would be better to have a house rules further down, and phrase it more positively, for example “this is a non-smoking household, so I kindly ask you not to smoke at this sit”