Boosted Too Early?

@Myka Did you find a sitter? I notice your dates are blanked out and says ‘not currently in need of a sitter’. Hope you found someone!

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I did find a sitter, I had a video call with her and she seems perfect! This is her very first THS sit and the dates are perfect for her & she’s going to use my car. I asked her to text me her DL and she did with no hesitation, I got a nice warm fuzzy when I did the video call, she came across very relaxed, professional & conscientious. So all is well. Even tho she didn’t have any reviews yet, I just got a good feeling about her, she travels all over the place and my first two sitters were travelers and they were just awesome, so I’m hoping this will be the same. I have 4 sits this year I need and 3 of them are covered and the last one is not that critical, as I’m going to stay in a place that allows dogs, but I may only take one dog with me if I can get a sitter. Anyway, I’m really grateful for all the feed back everyone has given me, and I’m going to trim up my listing to make it sound better and put the categories together as suggested. Thanks for everyone’s feed back, much appreciated!! :heart:


Wonderful news @Myka, so happy for you!

Excellent News! Enjoy your time away knowing you’re pups and home are well taken care of