Brand Ambassador?

I saw someone on another site refer to themselves as a ‘Tustedhousesitter Brand Ambassador’ It sounds very grand. Is there such a thing? or are they getting carried away and giving themselves a title?

Surely we are all brand ambassadors?

HI Colin absolutely all of our members are Brand Ambassadors.

At the end of 2019 we had a test program for Brand Ambassadors in the USA this was a small team of members from 5 key States the plan was to activate them within the community and then COVID happened and the plan was put on hold, the members involved still have their “official” Ambassador title and going forward this program will evolve, there were learnings from this trial and Brand Ambassadors will be reactivated.

There will be a process in place for reactivating the Ambassador program which will include members who are not nomads and permanently transient but residents who can be active and build connections within their communities and Ambassadors At Large, digital nomads, members who are transient, sitter members who have active Social Media platforms and other outreach sources.

Meanwhile we do have an Affiliate program members can join TrustedHousesitters Sitter Affiliate Programme |

But as you say and we 100% agree, ALL of our wonderful members are TrustedHousesitters Ambassadors.


So will ‘Brand Ambassador’ status be another thing which THS will charge the sitter extra for ?

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I had a similar question. Though rather than a “Brand Ambassador,” I was wondering if TH ever works with “Influencers?”

Example: I work (VERY part-time) as an Ambassador for DGA, a disc golf manufacturer in California. My “job” (I only am paid in free discs and free merchandise) is to travel North America (and as much of Europe/Scandinavia as I can), playing as many different disc golf courses as I can (1,806 and counting). Playing rounds with locals, throwing DGA discs and promoting other DGA products, then writing a blog that documents my experiences:

The more people I’ve met, the more I write, the more other doors have started to open. And I now also serve as an ambassador for UDisc, and an influencer for Point6. Promoting a GREAT app for disc golfers, as well as wonderful apparel that has previously only been marketed to skiers, snowboarders, hikers, cyclists, etc. (but is exactly what disc golfers in colder climates need as well).

One of the ways I have been able to enjoy playing more new courses is housesitting. If I had to pay for motels for weeks on end, I would go bankrupt! :slight_smile: But housesitting with my family in places where I have new courses I can play has been a wonderful solution to my needs. And while I have sung the praises of TH casually/informally? It seems like an opportunity exists to promote the company and service on a more formal basis. To all of the disc golfers who follow my adventures, read my blog, connect and follow me on Facebook, etc.

I have no idea what form that type of “influencer” role might take. Ideally, at LEAST a free membership to the site in exchange for certain expectations for the quality and frequency of singing the site’s praises to readers! But I have wondered about that. And I believe that there must be other TH members who are in a position to reach a LOT of prospective members (not just family/friends) who wonder about an “influencer” role as well.

@datonn Have never done it myself, but every member has the facility to invite new members, and each has a “code” giving the new member 25%(I think) off membership, and the inviting member also gets 2 months free THS membership for every person that signs up. I read on FB the other day of a member who currently has 6 years free membership due to the number of people she has introduced to THS.
There are details of this, including your own unique code, in your dashboard on the main THS site, headed: Member benefits, get free months.


Hi @datonn welcome to our community forum thank you for joining, also for your great introduction what a dream job for a golfer! … I hope that a true reference as I’m not sure what Disc Golf is.

We do work with content creators, influencers and have a very beneficial Affiliate program and as @Petermac has said a RAF program we are currently looking at how we work across the spectrum referrals and content creators. Every member of TrustedHousesitters is an Ambassador in their own way as a very large percentage of our new members comes via referral and word of mouth is the strongest message for TrustedHousesitters.

Again welcome to the forum, enjoy the conversation and connecting with other members.

Angela & The Team

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