Brand Ambassador?

I saw someone on another site refer to themselves as a ‘Tustedhousesitter Brand Ambassador’ It sounds very grand. Is there such a thing? or are they getting carried away and giving themselves a title?

Surely we are all brand ambassadors?

HI Colin absolutely all of our members are Brand Ambassadors.

At the end of 2019 we had a test program for Brand Ambassadors in the USA this was a small team of members from 5 key States the plan was to activate them within the community and then COVID happened and the plan was put on hold, the members involved still have their “official” Ambassador title and going forward this program will evolve, there were learnings from this trial and Brand Ambassadors will be reactivated.

There will be a process in place for reactivating the Ambassador program which will include members who are not nomads and permanently transient but residents who can be active and build connections within their communities and Ambassadors At Large, digital nomads, members who are transient, sitter members who have active Social Media platforms and other outreach sources.

Meanwhile we do have an Affiliate program members can join TrustedHousesitters Sitter Affiliate Programme |

But as you say and we 100% agree, ALL of our wonderful members are TrustedHousesitters Ambassadors.


So will ‘Brand Ambassador’ status be another thing which THS will charge the sitter extra for ?

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