Brand new to House/pet sitter

My Name is Jeremy I’m hearing impaired but hear and speak just as well. I’ve had Cats and a few dogs in my life and used to be a caretaker for a company called Chrysallis. I’m a very easy going person, heart of gold and gentle. I respect every persons belonging and pets as if it was my own. I respect people rules and lifestyles with pets. I’m energetic and full of life. I love animals and wish I had a huge farm to save every animals left behind or abused. Want to know more about me? just ask away.


Hi Jeremy, welcome to our community forum, you have joined a very special community of like minded pet lovers we look forward to sharing in your new adventure.

Welcome again and if you have any questions we have a really helpful and supportive community, so please ask away.

Angela and the Team

Hi and Welcome Jeremy :wave:
-Deb :heart:

Thank you and have an awesome weekend.

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