Brand Refresh Feedback

My poor partner is a web designer, and when I told him about the lime green on white situation…the face he made!

Did literally anyone test this at all, or run the extremely basic accessibility tests that are recommended for all websites??? In no world is this accessible.


I totally agree @temba it is blinding. @THS please remove the lime green color/ font it is blinding and hard to read. I liked the old color scheme better.

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Good morning @Carla_C @Jenny_V are you able to provide an update please regarding the feedback you took back to the product team relating to the lime green text?

Thank you


Hi @Daisy999 :slight_smile:

I’ve asked the team if they’ve got any further updates for us, other than the reply I posted a couple of weeks ago - either @Carla_C or I will follow up here if we hear anything back.


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I prefer a red heart rather than green


Welcome @Nancyaway - I think the majority of forum members agree with you . A red heart is more intuitive and also easier to see when contrasted against the background of a photograph.


Hello everyone :wave:
The product team have provided some helpful information regarding the lime green colour and your accessibility questions:

We wanted to explain a bit more about the processes we’re going through for those asking for an update and also to explain what accessibility requirements we’re working to.

Apologies that this gets a little technical but we think it’s important to be clear and transparent.

To achieve AA accessibility, button text on the button background colour has to achieve a 4.5:1 contrast ratio. Our previous buttons (before the brand update) only achieved a 3.03:1 ratio so fixing this was our priority. Our new tennis ball green buttons achieve a 9.27:1 contrast ratio so are compliant and an improvement from the perspective of people with specific visual impairments.

The button background itself does not have to achieve any level of contrast to achieve AA accessibility, however, we want to make sure that we are also conforming to some of the less explicit requirements around graphic elements so we’re going to be updating the button background colour to a 3:1 ratio minimum in all instances (3:1 ratio is the requirement for interactive elements without text).

We also acknowledge, that although not explicitly missing the accessibility requirements, some elements aren’t as inclusive as they could be. We’ve taken on your feedback and recognise that when used in certain ways, luminous colours can result in a worse user experience for some people.

We aren’t removing the tennis ball green completely, but we’re taking the time to move to a more sophisticated design system where it’ll be used with more consideration.

In terms of timing, we’re in the process of testing some of these changes now and you’ll likely see them go live in the next few weeks as long as the testing goes well. It’s been a major focus for our design team who, as previously mentioned are working on improving accessibility across the board.

Thank you


@Carla_C Any chance they’ll be fixing the ridiculous typo that I reported over a week ago? It’s embarrassing that TH didn’t correct this promptly.

@meow Sorry, I missed your post. That’s a good spot, I will pass that on for you :slight_smile:

Morning, thanks for sharing that update.

Do you think the team would be interested in having some of their members as part of a testing cohort?

My not so fresh pair of eyes would happily be part of it. (Think glasses on, off, swap glasses type eyes).

Please do not forget the people with astigmatism! There are plenty of us! Astigmatism is nothing serious, but it DOES affect our web usage. The accessibility requirements are partly different, than those for other visually impaired groups. But it can all be done.

This is banner is illegible - I only just realised that there was some text there !!!

Thanks for raising this one @Silversitters - I’ve got that noted to pass to the team.

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Could you also ask for something to be done about the resolution on the sitter names.
The bottom of the letters cannot be seen. Your name would appear as Jennv and not Jenny. Thank you

No problem @Twitcher - I’m popping it on our list. Thank you for letting us know!

When the colour change came about, i initially thought there must be a problem with my screen or that I had inadvertently clicked on a colour change option. Lots of googling on ‘how to change highlight colour THS’ to no avail!

Please change back to red! My eyesight maybe isnt what it once was but I just can’t discern much depth or contrast with this new lime green.

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They still haven’t changed it . It’s still illegible .

Also the inbox when it tells you if a message is read or unread that is pale green on white - very small font when viewed on a phone so barely visible .

Have the tech team given a timeline for when they will be fixing these issues ?


Hello @Silversitters Jenny is currently offline, I am happy to help. We have passed the feedback on to the relevant teams and are awaiting updates on when any changes will be made. Thank you for your patience and once we know more we will let you know :slight_smile:

Hi @Jenny_V - do you have an update on when names will show correctly on our sitter profile? Currently the bottom of the letters still do not show.

I have just come across this thread and see its already 25 days old - so I’m late to the party- but I need to add my own comment here.
I HATE the lime green! I find it disturbing and distracting. I can barely read if a message or application has been read/unread as the letters are so small and the contrast is so poor. And I LOVED the red heart for favourites. The green is putrid. A heart should be red not green!!
Please change the colours back to what they were.
I can’t understand why THS is making so many changes & so rapidly- the last year its been non stop, not just the two biggies- 5 apps & overlapping- but smaller things too and to be honest NONE of the changes have been in the favour if sitters imho.
I’m starting to feel that THS is doing a big shake up on all levels which is alienating some of us older and/or longer term members in favour of a newer younger clientele. I hope I’m wrong…