Bug - Mandatory address for new HOs is not working

In the giant Product Update topic @Ben-ProductManager said

Owner Addresses – Now Mandatory

We’ve also made it mandatory for owners to add their home address, which is shared once a housesit is confirmed. This makes it clear for sitters where the location is and also provides a record for our Membership Services team, for security and emergency situations.

I have a sit where I am 100% certain the HO is new (I referred them) and their address is not showing up. Only their postal code. And that only shows up on the app, not on the web site.

  1. Does TH really consider the postal code sufficient to meet the mandatory requirement of providing the address?

  2. Does TH have any plans to make the functionality work in the web site as well or will the address continue to only be available for sitters who use the app?

(Obviously I asked for and have their address; I am just bringing these issues to your attention.)

Hi @meow Ben did clarify that it populates in the Welcome Guide. Is that where you’re looking? I can look for that clarification later, but I remember it clearly.

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Yes it populated in the Welcome Guide but still the postal code only. They’re not requiring an actual address.

FYI in that long product update they said it wouldn’t just be in the
Welcome Guide as not many HOs bother with the Welcome Guide. They said it would be shared elsewhere.

Until the issue is sorted, have you asked them for the address and if so, are they willing to give it to you?

As I stated in my original post, I have the address. I was simply bringing these issues to TH’s attention.


Thanks, I missed that line. #AlwaysReadToTheEnd

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