Builders in on the sit

When it is a kind of emergency, something unexpectedly broke down for example and the repair could be scheduled “as soon as possible” and that would be during my sit. I would not have a problem, since this is the way it also works if you have your own house.

When it is something not important/ no emergency, HO should postpone the repairs/ builders. It is always better to supervise it themselves. Because they know what they want. It is their house.

A son or family member coming by? I wouldn’t want that, unless it maybe is a quick in and out for something they have to pick up (f.e. a student picking up clothing/ books/ something that has delivered?) and the HO asks me if the timing is okay. Not “just” come and walk in.

If you knew the builders and relative were going to be there before you accepted then you would need to bear that in mind when reviewing, but if not then you need to be totally honest in your review to help other sitters out.

It’s got to be a fair exchange, love of pets for accommodation, and it wasn’t in your case, you had to share the accommodation with builders and a relative.

Besides which, it’s against THS’s insurance t&c’s.

I did think it probably invalidates the insurance. If anything happens it could have been anyone in the house. This is probably worth mentioning to HOs. I am always quite accommodating and been pet sitting for more than 8 years and this sort of thing only happened once before. I will be asking more at video meet stage from now on.

This sounds awful. Possibly it was not mentioned beforehand because they knew it was not allowed so sprung it on you knowing you had no real option.
Please do report it to THS as this should result in the owner being booted off the platform for violating T&C. It probably won’t as they will just say the owner ‘made a mistake’ but since THS are holding you responsible for paying for any repairs during the sit having actual builders in is just ridiculous.
Also please photograph and video absolutely everything before you leave. Even open the drawers and cupboards and do a long slow video of all contents. There have been builders and people staying overnight and the obvious person to be blamed for anything going missing will be you.

Oh, be sure, it was Much less problematic than it likely sounds… the owners had it laid out with them what was to be finished up and all that since the work was delayed mid-way rather than being started. I think me and the workmen had to do maybe 3 or 4 “conversations” of about 2 or 3 sentences and a hand gesture or two… things like indicating “will be back today” or “let dry”. The HO’s made sure to be immediately available if needed, happily it wasn’t a big deal.

I’d’ve been seriously irritated if it had been actually trying to do anything like directing or negotiating or instructing or such because just… no way am I gonna be in charge of or try to organize anything on an issue like that. I mostly let them in and out and with a friendly word lol.

If you were told when you arrive you should have spoken up then. Especially a relative staying. I would have said that was against THS policy and would make you uncomfortable. They could have had time to tell the relative no. You can’t exactly mention that now in a review since you accepted the updated terms.

I am afraid this new review system will not be fair.

If someone else is going to be at a sit, that’s against THS terms no matter when the sitter learns and waiting till they arrive to tell them is not at all OK, because how much choice does someone have once they’ve arrived vs. hearing before accepting a sit?

I’d suggest the OP mention the facts in their review. It’s perfectly fine for them to do that and warn off other sitters.

As for being direct, if the OP doesn’t feel comfortable with that, they’ll probably be taken advantage of by other crummy hosts. I suggest learning how to be direct, setting and upholding boundaries, because some people (including some hosts) are entitled, thoughtless or rude.

And BTW, even it weren’t against THS terms to have a third party staying during a sit, it would be simple decency as a host to tell a guest ahead of time. Unfortunately, some people lack simple consideration like that.

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Oh I agree it should not have waited until the sitters arrived but I would not have allowed anyone to stay. Sitters must learn to speak up in these instances.

I really object to your posting. They said it when I arrived. I’m 350 miles away. They said the builders had run over and it would be 2 days and they were out the way. It was rude of them not to have phoned and said and indeed asked me if this was OK. It still would have been almost impossible to say yes I minded but it would have been polite. Your post is upsrtting, judgemental abd disrepectful.

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I’m kind of fed up with people telling me to stand up for myself. I’ve been pet sitting for more than 10 years and this has not happened before. I’ve had people ask if they would mind certain things or people coming in etc and we’ve arranged that mutually and all well. Thanks.

Thank you for the helpful and suportive comments.


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took part in this discussion, as I think it’s now run its course, meaning I’m going to close it to new replies.

@Reliablesitter - I hope that the advice you’ve received was helpful.