Can I turn down a sitter even when no other options?

It’s absolutely ok to decline any prospective sitter. It’s your home. I’ve been sitting for a few years. Although I’m sometimes very disappointed when I’m not chosen I realize that it isn’t personal. You need to feel good about the person who will be taking care of your home and pets.

No need to explain yourself away as to why you are turning someone down. Always trust your gut. If a sitter feels right, it shouldn’t be forced and vice versa with a home owner…Especially when pets are involved.

A stranger is staying in your home and taking care of your pets. It has to feel good for you, period

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Some sort of an explanation would help the sitter, they may just be inexperienced. But I agree the host should decline them.


Just checked your listing. I remember this one and nearly applied but the dates didn’t work with other sits I’d already agreed (overlap by 2 days). I hope you find someone soon.


so agree about inviting people. For January, we were dumped a few days in advance. I spent a few hours inviting sitters and ended up with 3 interviews and chose 1 with another I would use.
So a learning experience! I also set up someone else for June this year so a win all round.

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We have finally found someone! Actually had two applicants at once so that’s taught me that you do get last minute applications and to hold out! Thanks everyone!


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Your listing is lovely! I have put it in my favorites as well. Perhaps one day it will work for us to help as we enjoy the UK and are hoping to be there more often going forward. Best of luck with your search this time around and safe travels!

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Hi, I’m glad you’ve had plenty of responses to tell you to go with your gut. As a sitter it’s a privilege to be invited in to someone home to care for their beloved pets & home. So definitely stick to what feels right!
I did have a look at your profile & Woody & Biscuit look adorable! I’m happy to see your dates have been filled.
I’ve added you to my favorites for possible future dates because we love a cute dog & a coastal location to walk with them!
Good luck for finding the perfect sitters :blush:


I’m so glad I found this thread. I was just feeling the same thing… gut feeling that it’s not the right fit, but also has been the only applicant and I was uncertain about how to handle it. Thanks, everyone! What an awesome community!